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Marcin Wasłowicz
Marcin Wasłowicz
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Feb. 8, 2015
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March 28
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Bridge Director
about me

IT & video consultant for various bridge organizations, mostly known for large scale surveillance systems for tournaments and live video streaming.

I also do some suff for the the Polish Bridge Union: Vice president, CIO and others, international TD, scoring TD, you name it...


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Polish Bridge Union
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Move the Date of the Fall NABC!
Venue is cheap. It's that simple. It was said during one of the BoGs, not sure which one though. Apparently moving NABC slightly little bit would be unreasonably expensive and it ended whole discussion and this is even before the contract was signed...
World Team Championships in China
No live feed at all because of the Great Firewall of China. 32 tables recorded, 16 of which for later upload (at least that's the plan for now). On top of that - 32 BBO vugraphs being done each day.
World Team Championships in China
I'm not the one who came up with the name:
World Team Championships in China
Thank you. :-)
Membership Meeting
The meeting will be broadcasted live on YouTube:
The value of videos
Two more things are not yet mentioned: - decrease in TD calls when the complaining party know that their complaint is not a strong one but they believe that they can convince the TD and it'll be difficult to disprove by the opponents (now they know that reviewing the recording ...
Olympic status. At what cost?
@Poland The statue of limitation is in our disciplinary code, no evil foreign power involved. We've actually changed it to be significantly longer a year ago.
Olympic status. At what cost?
Roughly $200k annually in Poland (it increases slowly each year) which is almost 1/3 of our budget. This is on the National level. The funds are mostly for participation in international events. On top of that, each of 16 districts is subsidised individually. The grand total is probably somewhere ...
Live from Board of Governors
Haha, hope dies last. :D
ACBL Membershp Follies
Well, I think that ACBL has better tournaments than Starbucks has coffee and if we were to follow their model you'd have a free membership but the entry fee would be twice as much. So no, it does not compare. I just wanted to point out that no one ...

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