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Margaret Devere
Margaret Devere
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June 28, 2010
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Hoping to improve my game by osmosis and sporadic uncoordinated efforts. So far, it's a slow process.

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Paula Warren
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2 over 1
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Devere - Judy
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Mentor program morphs to Coaching program
OP here. No data so far, but we're sending out a "how's it going?" email soon and I will report back.
Your Ruling, Please
I was North at this table. As I remember it, East held AKJxxx, no hearts, and a smattering of minor suit HCP. And, as I see it, this increases the likelihood of a spade call. I'm not sure that the director was counting the spades -- only the HCP.
Margaret Devere's bidding problem: AKQT842 JT4 --- AK2
I play a treatment called OUT. If I bid 5 of a major, without having been forced to by the opponents, it's asking my partner one of these questions -- the first one that's applicable: Do you have two quick losers in Opponents's suit? Do you have two ...
Margaret Devere's bidding problem: AKQT842 JT4 --- AK2
I've never heard that you have to have agreed on trump. Your quibble is accurate. I changed course in the middle of my sentence and forgot to go back and edit. Fixed now. If partner can respond positively to the question I ask, they have to bid six of ...
Bridge Expedition to the End of the Universe
Lovely story -- thanks.
Margaret Devere's bidding problem: AKQT842 JT4 --- AK2
At the table, I bid 5. To me, in this situation, this asked about controls in diamonds, and that's not actually what I cared about, but I wanted my partner to bid 6 with any excuse. And I was interested in slam opposite practically anything -- to borrow ...
Cheating at Scrabble
After rereading my comment, I want to retract my analogy. Anagrams is indeed a purer game, because there's no bias related to the squares on the board or the tiles you draw, but the rest of the analogy doesn't work. (There is strategy, BTW.)
Cheating at Scrabble
Thanks for the reference. Interesting article. I'm an Anagrams player myself. It's a much purer game -- Anagrams to Scrabble is like duplicate bridge to rubber, but even more pure.
How would you rule, and would you request a ruling?
Another case comes to mind: Declarer calls "Jack of spades" but the dummy is out of spades, and has the jack of clubs. Or, more complicated, the dummy does have spades but not the jack. In my experience, the dummy usually speaks up. Sometimes the dummy says "You don't ...
In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
I claim an independent creation of "Rodstroth" but yours might be earlier. Mine was maybe 5-8 years ago.

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