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Margaret Devere
Margaret Devere
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June 28, 2010
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7 hours ago
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about me

Hoping to improve my game by osmosis and sporadic uncoordinated efforts. So far, it's a slow process.

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Gold Life Master
Paula Warren
2 over 1
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2 over 1
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Devere - Judy
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Kantar Wins 2017 Lazard Sportsmanship Award
I too am happy that this award was given to Eddie. But I wish he hadn't made that remark about his wife. I hope she thinks it's funny.
Respect the post
My thought also. Often I don't have an opinion -- I'm looking at the results to learn something. If the poll included "No informed opinion available," I'd certainly mark that.
Suggestion for ACBL: pay extra for pre-dublicated boards in non-preduplicated board events
Denver tried pre-duped boards for about three sectionals. There's not only the cost of the boards, there's also the cost of the hand records. Small but still present. There was always a little trouble with moving the boards, and with people talking too loudly. Lots of complaints about ...
Your Mileage May Vary
We have our first entry :) and our first clarification :)
Unit web site template?
BridgeResults offers website hosting and support, and I think, a template. BridgeWebs also, I think.
More Denver 10 Questions !
Yes, two. I should also comment that there's disagreement over who owns the tournament. D17 and Unit 361 cooperate in putting it on, the flyer mentions both organizations, and the name is Denver's Rocky Mountain Regional, but there's a POV that D17 owns the tournament and Unit ...
More Denver 10 Questions !
One point of clarification: Although D17 didn't want to handle it, they weren't given the opportunity to say yes or no.
More Denver 10 Questions !
Hello all -- I'm responding as the president of Unit 361. The Denver unit is a stakeholder in the Denver regional. At least, we think we are. We have had several discussions of this incident at unit board meetings. They culminated in a letter that we were preparing to send ...
Membership and Telephone Directory
I don't disagree. In fact, I found it pretty surprising when I first logged on to get a roster.

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