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Feb. 5, 2019
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Hand 12. 12 May 2020
1D is 3+, but would only be 3 if 4432 shape. So given the opposition bidding I know she has 4+ diamonds from my second chance to bid, though not my first chance
Board 11, 11th November
I can bid 3C over 2C, but we tend to do it on positive hands with good 6 card suits as we are taking up room and it is then difficult to find out what partner has and whether we have enough combined for a slam, especially if partner is ...
Board 12, 12 November
It's something we've struggled with, but making a jump a 1 round force and having the cue show a fit sounds good. I assume the jump shows length in the suit. What I also find hard is if I have a balanced hand with values, but not GF ...
Bd 8 12th November
At our table the auction started with two passes and east preempted with 3C. Although partner is passed hand I doubled on shape hoping to find partner with a major but was out of luck. We ended up in 3NT which doesn't work. I wonder if I should just ...
Board 15 Nov 12
We passed it out as well and we weren't playing the robots.
Board 10, October 29th
I held the north hand and pulled 3NT to 4H which is off too. It seems most left declarer in 3NT. What is the logic for that? Partner doesn't need to have such a good spade suit.
Board 10, October 8th
Unfortunately we can no longer double strong NT for penalties as we introduced a X showing hearts and another. Anyway, we beat 1NT by 3 tricks, but only +300 instead of +800. In the future, it may be worth considering other ways of dealing with 2 suited overcalls.
Jodi will be in China for the next couple of weeks as will my opposition Stephen and Pele. So I probably won't be playing and board 11 won't be written up by me. If anyone is able to take it on, that would be great.
Board 26, August 13th
Jodi and I use XXX in quite a few situations, wherever we define the first double as values. Eg we use it when they open weak 2s where the suits are unknown or unbid so after a multi-2D bid, a myxo2 bid, 2NT for minors, when they interfere after our ...
Board 26, August 13th
Our double by responder if we don't know their suit(s) is values and is the start of a XXX sequence. i.e. first double is values, second double t/o and third double is penalties. The pass just says I don't have anything to say. With a ...
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