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Mario Fonzo
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Mario Fonzo is suspended from posting until July 16, 2036 . Reason: posting under a false identity

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July 2, 2013
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Aug. 6, 2017
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Statement from Jimmy Cayne
That Nick Martino is one perceptive cookie!
Statement from Jimmy Cayne
I have a question for you, Carl, and I ask it with all due respect to your considerable bridge knowledge and expertise. If authorities had clear and convincing proof that a pair (any pair not this specific one) were found guilty of illegal signaling in numerous events, but not enough ...
Mario Fonzo's bidding problem: AQ97 9 AK8 AKJ83
If you're not fond of the initial Dbl of 1, what would you suggest is superior? I guess I could have started this out in steps and asked what you would bid over 1 with the South hand. What seems best over 1 instead of the ...
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
Artur, Thank you for your candid post. I tried to overlook the part about Boye not seeing anything while on their team, but it always came back to nag at me. I think your assessment of it sums it up nicely: "he didnt notice for two years (bullshit)anything wrong ...
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: AQ9 --- KQJ72 AKJ53
Interesting dilemma. I simply could not bring myself to pass though.
Point Totals - Lifetime and Yearly
In none of those other forms of bridge, though, would the type of bidding and manipulation that takes place in the robot tournaments ever be tolerable. This is what makes it a different game imo. A bridge-based mind game, if you will.
Statement from Jimmy Cayne
Fair point, Steve. And just as true is that a "not guilty" verdict is not the equivalent of innocence.
Jump-Starting the Process
I keep reading how people are so concerned that bridge cheats might be deprived of earning a living. After all, this is their profession! I cannot be bothered fretting over that. They forfeit any "right" to earn a living doing it when they cheat. And furthermore, they want to blame ...
Calling on the expert community to do the right thing.
Implementing a Better System to Detect Cheating
Apparently it's not detecting them that's the problem. In other threads we see that most everyone knows the few pairs who are actively cheating at the top. It's successfully convicting them that's the problem.

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