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Mario Martinelli
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May 15, 2011
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about me

Teacher, author, vugraph commentator. Fan of Italian top pairs and Meckwell. My favourite recently read bridge books are Guide Dog part I and II by Martens and the Rodwell Files. Bridge Winners is the bridge site I definitely like most. I find some "in the well"s unique and priceless.


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General rules for when a convention is in use
In a Precision-like system we play XYZ is off after ANY interference, before or after responder. After 1-Dbl responses are one-under(Rbl=)and jumps to 2M still show 54+ less than inv/inv; after 4th hand interference supp Dbl/Rbl are on. The whole structure makes ...
Carding Question
I would never consider to give count in my own bid long suit. My choice is "other" because i would play smallest to encourage and middle/high as sp.
Precision help wanted 2
In my precision partnership East's double is clear-cut. We have a very simple (and, in my opinion, effective)agreement: east would bid as if North had opened 1.
Rusinow Leads
A partial solution to rusinow vs. suit issue (doubleton honor leads)is the one adopted by Meckwell. They lead rusinow only from naturally bid suits and from major suits implied by a t/o double (i haven't found notes about the last but saw it in some vugraph hands ...
Serious 3NT question
Choice of games makes little sense as opener's jump raise is unbalanced or 5422. Both serious or non-serious are not useful facing a strictly limited hand. 3N then can be shortness ask, turbo-like (slam try with defined number of keycards)or whatever you want other than cog or serious ...
How Do You Show An Invitational Hand With Five Spades Over 1NT
I prefer to play that responder's second bid after a Jxfer shows the suit above (2N for clubs...etc.). Consequently my answer is B. After 2 xfer to hearts, responder's 2 shows invitational values and it is more flexible than natural 2N (allowing to stop in ...
overcall precision 1!D
Typo is my bet.
If you play Ingberman over reverses....
Gazzilli applies exclusively after 1 Maj opening and 1 or 1NT response. Treatments for strong hands after 1 minor opening are widely used in italian systems but they are never called Gazzilli (two "z" and two "l" is the correct spelling).
Losing Trick Count
Responding to a question sometimes we choose one answer in a very convinced way, other times we choose an answer as well but we are less convinced. My comment just meant that my response was a strong 3) option. That's all, sorry if that could hurt someone's feelings ...
Losing Trick Count
I'm happy with having never used LTC in my life, never tought of using it and never taught it to my students.

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