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Marion Gebhardt
Marion Gebhardt
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Oct. 12, 2015
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June 23
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Numerous Regional and Sectional wins
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Milt Nehr, David Pearlman
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1NT or 1S??
Exactly my sentiments and what I do with good success.
Another BIT
Kit is correct. If partner opened 1C and I held xxx-xxxx-xxxxx-x, I would bid 1H and pass a 2D bid by partner, hoping to survive. When I said I wouldn't pass I was thinking about a hand where I had a legitimate 1 level response. Sorry.
Another BIT
I agree with you, 2D is 100% forcing. I play Lebensohl after a reverse, so 2H shows a hand with less than 8 HCPs and a Spade suit not suitable for rebidding. I wouldn't be happy with a partner that took 45 Secs to bid 2D-but what can you ...
Another BIT
When the directors don't do it, I guess you are saying let them get to a sectional or regional and find its a different world.
Another BIT
Michael, I never call the director for a BIT at the club. I was not upset in the least. I simply thought it was a teachable moment.
Another BIT
When is the last time you had a 45 sec BIT in an auction of 1D-1H-BIT-2C. I don't ever remember this happening.
Another BIT
What is poor East to do after being put in an impossible position by West. Sometimes you try to get your point across in an indirect way, rather than a full frontal assault.
Another BIT
To understand what the bridge community does in regard to BITS. Paul said that there is an informal agreement among the better players at his club to not call the director. Maybe a bulletin article by KIT or someone else would help.
Another BIT
Thanks to Roland for his thoughtful discussion on the topic. I don't know what the answer is as I have had club directors get hostile when I called them about a BIT. So I haven't called the director about a BIT in a very long time. That is ...
Another BIT
As Paul said, as one of the top players in this club I do not ask for rulings on BITS. I used to ask if we could all agree that there was a BIT, but I quit that after almost always getting a negative response. Louis, I didn't mean ...
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