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Marion Gebhardt
Marion Gebhardt
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Oct. 12, 2015
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Nov. 17
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Contested Claim
This is also covered in the Nov issue of The Bridge Bulletin, page 36.
Contested Claim
After winning the spade king I led the heart queen. Had I led low causing partner to play the heart ten, I would have been subjected to a three suit squeeze. As it was I could see that if partner didn't have the heart ten, I was "dead meat".
Contested Claim
Thanks for your explanation of the rule change. I was unaware of this change.
Marion Gebhardt's bidding problem: Kxxxx KJx xx KJx
Exactly, if partner had a trap pass hand then he should expect you to double when the hand is passed back to you. Otherwise it seems you are just rolling the dice on what kind of hand partner has when he doubles immediately. A hand like above where it is ...
Marion Gebhardt's bidding problem: Kxxxx KJx xx KJx
Sorry, South had the Ace of Spades; N-S easily make 3 Clubs and many N-S's bought the hand for 3 Clubs.
Marion Gebhardt's bidding problem: Kxxxx KJx xx KJx
Partner had KX-Q10XX-AX-10XXXX. They made 3 in diamonds????
Prep Before the Game
Zeke Jabbour's advice, "Read ypour convention card over befor the game starts"
The Impossible Two Spade Bid
"Clearly, a useful bid in that the need is not infrequent, the bid is unable to be forgotten, and it can lead to finding a good game in a minor or perhaps in 3NT." I once made the bid and my partner finally quit bidding Spades when I bid seven ...
Marion Gebhardt's bidding problem: --- --- AKxx KQJT98xxx
I like a direct 6 Clubs; I gave this hand to several people with the bidding 1H-6C-? they bid seven and said if it doesn't make its partners fault.
Experimenting with weak NT
Several years ago this pair was playing 10-12 NT at all vuls. It went 1NT (VUL). I doubled with my 8 running Dias (my card said penalty or tricks). LHO stood on the table to redouble with his 16 HCPS-all pass-down 2 with them cold for 4 spades. They never ...
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