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Marion Gebhardt
Marion Gebhardt
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Oct. 12, 2015
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Sept. 15
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Numerous Regional and Sectional wins
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Milt Nehr, David Pearlman
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Platinum Life Master
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Your call after 2!c opener’s penalty double
Double 2 Spades (Bad hand) and bid 4 Dias over 3S doubled.
Responding to openers help suit game try
That is the way I think, but apparently people have been taught that the bid of the intermediate suit denies help in the asked suit and says I have something in this suit. It was ingrained in my partner's mind and even though I have gone over this several ...
The Next Step
As Peg says, "Yet, I still find that EVEN WITH RECORDING - not much seems to happen." That is exactly my experience. Playing in the Jacoby Team event several years ago against an international pair who had been playing in the Big Team event, my RHO opened 1NT in third seat ...
Defendinding against transfer overcalls of partner's 1NT (15-17HCPs) opening.
Thanks, John is what you outlined above better minor LEBENSOHL?
Defendinding against transfer overcalls of partner's 1NT (15-17HCPs) opening.
Don't understand???
Defendinding against transfer overcalls of partner's 1NT (15-17HCPs) opening.
Thanks for your comments. At the expert level are transfer overcalls used much? I take it that you and Barry don't think there very useful against good players. There is one pair that uses them in our club and we always get to the right spot. However, the majority ...
Defendinding against transfer overcalls of partner's 1NT (15-17HCPs) opening.
2 of their suit Stayman without a stopper??? That's the problem there are so many more options when the opponents use trnsfer overcalls, particularly the lower bids.
Mini & Weak No Trump
They now play 12-14 NVul in 1st and 2nd position and 15-17 in all other cases.
Mini & Weak No Trump
I was playing against a top-level pair in a SWISS event where the bidding went 1NT (10-12HCPs Vul), double by me, LHO practically stood on the table to redouble with his 15HCPs (square distribution), pass, pass, pass. After running my 7 card suit. The opps. yelled for the director. He ...
Mini & Weak No Trump
What do you do if partner redoubles?
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