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Why are men more successful at bridge than women?
I don't understand the meaning of this list and in fact it makes me kind of upset that you use it in a discussion of playing strength of men and women in general. Agree with Christopher that it's just a very wrong way to compare two sexes.
Fact Instead Of Fiction: A True Report on the Denver Regional
It seems to me , that if you have the great 10 count that you suggest, that not bidding 4 is very unethical, rather than very ethical. If partner was thinking that he was too strong to bid only 2, he will surely raise to 4? But if partner ...
Which is enough.
People dont uduslly double 3NT except when asking for a specific lead. There is also no obligation to sit when doubled.
Which is enough.
For me it would be king. Having so few HCP increases the chance that we need 9 top tricks after the lead and these chances are much higher with the king than the queen. And even if you don't have 9 top tricks you still are more likely to ...
Which is enough.
Its very likely they will blow a trick on the opening lead, either because they don't have a good lead, because their natural lead blows a trick, or because they are not supernatural and can't find partners 5card suit.
What should the ruling be?
Maybe because they just changed the system , and used to play 2NT as natural before? That is AI.
Best carding to receive our club ruff
Wouldn't a low heart ask for a diamond, rather than a club? With the KQ of clubs in dummy it seems more important to signal for the pointed suits. You cant have a signal for 3 suits with only 2 cards.
What should the ruling be?
But would the 66 in the minors reply 3 to 3? Not likely. And considering the change of methods and puppet stayman in 4th I am sure west is allowed to figure out what has happened.
Score keeping should be disallowed in the semi finals/finals of all major national matchpoint type events
Call me naive but I didn't really realise this was a problem and also don't remember thinking myself that my opponents had a wire during one of the last rounds. But I guess it happens every now and then. Would it help a good player to see a ...
EBL Ruling on Disqualified Teams/Pairs
The problem with moving the teams up one place in the knock out, is that the numbers 2 and 3 both won and lost against the same team. So it seems pretty random that the number 2 then wins the title.
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