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Mark Bartusek
Mark Bartusek
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Sept. 19, 2015
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17 hours ago
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Bridge Player
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Retired Aerospace software engineer.

United States of America

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1st and 2nd overall in annual BridgeWorld MSC Contest, 5th in NABC Blue Ribbon Pairs, 1st in 0-5,000 and 0-10,000 NABC pairs, 4th in NABC Fast Pairs, 4th in NABC North American Swiss, multiple 9-16 in Vanderbilt / Spingold, National Appeals Committee co-team leader for 15 years
Regular Bridge Partners
John Jones, Jeff Goldsmith, Michael Schreiber, Rick Panter, Will Beall, Jack Yeasley
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Santa Barbara
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Diamond Life Master
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1!s vs 2!s after Neg X
Bridge World Standard 2017 had a poll about this and a plurality determined that BWS2017 would have a 1S rebid as generally showing 3-card support (and a jump to 4S as showing 4-card support). 1516-1519: After one of a minor -- (one heart) -- double [showing at least four spades], . . . 1516. Is ...
Responses to art strong 2c openings?
Partner and I played MILES (obviously invented by Marshall Miles) which is basically a simplistic but powerful method with some control-showing attributes: 2 = negative response 2 = ARTIFICIAL POSITIVE W/O A SUIT (2 Kings OR 7PTS with Ace OR 8PTS with King) 2,2NT,3,3 ...
Board 1 from the 08/01/2016 Common Game
Of course the bidding is system dependent... I had available a Soloway 3-way Strong Jump shift which I think is the best way to describe this South hand which is too good for an immediate Diamond splinter, but not enough to reach the 5-level or insist upon slam (i.e ...
Kaplan Inversion to General Chart?
I don't have any statistics on probability of hand patterns… The primary purpose of playing both conventions in combination is to minimize the number of times it goes the awkward 1H - 1NT sequence. The "5 Spades in an invitational hand" basically bids itself with responder rebidding 2NT. He has ...
Pondering Pickups & the Picayune in The Pass
You must have tried to drive through Donner Pass too late…. I think I left Reno at 10:00am on Monday after the NABC and got through without chains (it was just starting to snow at the top)
Kaplan Inversion to General Chart?
I played Kaplan Inversion for a long time years ago …but, in combination with Flannery!! IMHO both conventions are pretty good by themselves, but they enhance each others effectiveness when played in combination. When played with Flannery the Responder does not have to bid 1NT holding 4 so-so Spades since ...
Tournament Table Counts
Well, we have a unique situation where the unit is the same thing as the bridge center (only 1 active ACBL-sanctioned club in the unit). Additionally, we sometimes have our local club Directors handle session of the I/N Sectional (saving money).
Tournament Table Counts
Re: I/N Sectionals Santa Barbara, CA has done quite well hosting I/N Sectionals the past couple years. The unit basically makes between $1,000 and $2,000 each 2-day tournament. BUT, this is mainly due to us hosting it at the local bridge center and NOT showing any ...
Attention All Exclusion Blackwood Users!
I recently had a bidding misunderstanding with a partner on basically the following auction: (whether it was Exclusion or a splinter) 2C - 2D 2S - 3S 5D thoughts?? (obviously partner and I should define our agreements a little better) …thanx
Style Question, II
I've always been somewhat partial to Flannery, just like I've been somewhat partial to Kaplan Inversion. Each by itself is of some value; BUT, in combination the two conventions compliment each other and produce a very powerful improvement over Standard bidding!! (based upon experiences from one long-standing partnership ...
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