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Mark Bartusek
Mark Bartusek
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Sept. 19, 2015
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Feb. 19
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Bridge Player
about me

Retired Aerospace software engineer (Electronic Warfare with Raytheon Company)

Texas Hold-em player

Long-time owner of 1994 Mazda twin-turbo RX-7 modified to about 400hp


United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
5th in NABC Blue Ribbon Pairs, 1st in 0-5,000 and 0-10,000 NABC pairs, 4th in NABC Fast Pairs, 4th in NABC North American Swiss, multiple 9-16 in Vanderbilt / Spingold, 1st (twice) and 2nd (twice) in the annual Bridge World MSC Contest (out of 6 attempts), National Appeals Committee co-team leader for 15 years.
Regular Bridge Partners
John Jones, Michael Schreiber, Jeff Goldsmith, Rick Panter, Will Beall, Jack Yeasley
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Santa Barbara
Favorite Conventions
Kaplan Inversion and Flannery
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Diamond Life Master
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Incorrect Review
I agree that it is correct to adjust the score to reflect a club being led. Then with Declarer pitching a heart on the 4th club a defender would exit a heart. then declarer will cash 3 top diamonds and give up a diamond. Thus, I believe the proper result ...
Forgive this not being a bidding poll
With my old partner Marshall we used the following definitions after 1M-2C Drury: 2NT = balanced slam try allowing Drury bidder to show: .....3 level suit shows a source of tricks .....4 level jumps show shortness 3 level new suit = 4+ natural slam try 3 Major = GF with solid suit that ...
Continuation after 1!H - 1!S - 2N
If you don't play transfers then the following is a decent general system I play the following with some partners: (obviously you go through 3 Checkback for majors with 4=5 in the majors or just one 5-card major; I think most people just bid 3 with ...
Continuations after Michaels
I used to play the following with an old partner... Knowing advancer's length in the majors helped in making game decisions (also if we end up defending) AFTER PARTNER'S MICHAELS CUEBID (1-2 or 1-2 showing both majors) (1m) 2m ANY ... 2 = DIAMONDS 2M ...
What other hand types merit jump responses to strong artificial 1C or 2C (or other) openings?
I've had nice success playing MILES (invented by Marshall Miles) where 2D is actually negative 2H is an ARTIFICIAL POSITIVE with at least 2 kings or 7 points with an Ace 2S is a natural Spade positive (excellent suit if you wish) 2NT is a natural HEART positive (excellent ...
1!s vs 2!s after Neg X
Bridge World Standard 2017 had a poll about this and a plurality determined that BWS2017 would have a 1S rebid as generally showing 3-card support (and a jump to 4S as showing 4-card support). 1516-1519: After one of a minor -- (one heart) -- double [showing at least four spades], . . . 1516. Is ...
Responses to art strong 2c openings?
Partner and I played MILES (obviously invented by Marshall Miles) which is basically a simplistic but powerful method with some control-showing attributes: 2 = negative response 2 = ARTIFICIAL POSITIVE W/O A SUIT (2 Kings OR 7PTS with Ace OR 8PTS with King) 2,2NT,3,3 ...
Board 1 from the 08/01/2016 Common Game
Of course the bidding is system dependent... I had available a Soloway 3-way Strong Jump shift which I think is the best way to describe this South hand which is too good for an immediate Diamond splinter, but not enough to reach the 5-level or insist upon slam (i.e ...
Kaplan Inversion to General Chart?
I don't have any statistics on probability of hand patterns… The primary purpose of playing both conventions in combination is to minimize the number of times it goes the awkward 1H - 1NT sequence. The "5 Spades in an invitational hand" basically bids itself with responder rebidding 2NT. He has ...
Pondering Pickups & the Picayune in The Pass
You must have tried to drive through Donner Pass too late…. I think I left Reno at 10:00am on Monday after the NABC and got through without chains (it was just starting to snow at the top)
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