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Mark Bartusek
Mark Bartusek
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Sept. 19, 2015
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about me

Retired software engineer - Electronic Warfare (F-18 Superhornet) with Raytheon / Hughes Aircraft Companies

Texas Hold-em and Pot-limit Omaha player

Long-time owner of 1994 Mazda twin-turbo RX-7 modified to 400hp


United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Partner and I played 3 quarters directly against Meckstroth/Rodwell in the Vanderbilt KOs. We got the best of them in 2 of the 3 quarters at our table and we knocked them out of the event!
Bridge Accomplishments
5th overall in NABC Blue Ribbon Pairs, multiple 9-16 overalls in Vanderbilt / Spingold events, 1st overall in 0-5,000 and 0-10,000 NABC pairs (Note: played each event ONLY once), 4th overall in NABC Fast Pairs, 4th overall in NABC North American Swiss, 1st (twice) and 2nd (twice) in the annual Bridge World MSC Contest (out of 6 attempts) and on their expert panel for 2.5 years, ACBL National Appeals Committee co-team leader for 15 years.
Regular Bridge Partners
John Jones, Michael Schreiber, Jeff Miller, Carreen Hinds, the late Marshall Miles, Rick Panter, Will Beall, Jack Yeasley
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Santa Barbara, CA
Favorite Conventions
Kaplan Inversion with Flannery 2D
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
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What do you lead from J982? (Modified)
The recent August 2018 issue of The Bridge World (TBW) magazine contained a Master Solver’s Club (MSC) Problem H addressing the same issue. i.e. 1NT passed out and you’re on lead with: J986 A1074 J10 1093 The expert panel voted as follows: Lead ...
Percentage play to find the Queen in 6!H?
Perhaps my summary was a little bit too casual regarding that... but, it seems to me that cashing the trump Ace (as indicated by the polling) to cater to a stiff trump queen with LHO is higher percentage than immediately hooking the heart Jack at trick 2 catering specifically to ...
General rule: Exclusion RKC or a Splinter??
As stated above "For the purpose of this survey please assume that you do NOT play Kickback"
Percentage play to find the Queen in 6!H?
Thanx to everyone for voting and commenting. Imho, you either play West’s take-out double for an extreme distribution like 4=2=6=1 5=1=5=2 or a more balanced hand like 4=3=5=1 Thus, if you play East for the heart queen it is clearly ...
Percentage play to find the Queen in 6!H?
If you cash a high club first then both opponents follow with small clubs. *** This information added to post after 25 people had already voted <--
Percentage play to find the Queen in 6!H?
The rest of the bidding is irrelevant to the play of the hand with the opponents passing throughout. Yes, we should have gotten to 6 instead.
Mark Bartusek's bidding problem: A98 AQT KQ86 KJ6
Thanx everyone for their votes and comments... My view and the actual hand - (my thoughts most closely aligned I believe with Mr. Reitman) Imho: 1) Opponents are not going to be out of line here vulnerable, so a double here should not be penalty (especially at IMPs). It should generally ...
Mark Bartusek's bidding problem: A98 AQT KQ86 KJ6
Double (by partner) would show values and an interest in competing (allowing you to either pass for penalties or bid a suit). Partner probably doesn't have much though. The actual bidding question addresses what patterns you expect partner to have and what your sides offensive / defensive prospects are.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AQ6 AKJT95 A76 8
I would say that 5 guarantees 6+ support because you eliminate the opportunity for partner to bid a natural and non-forcing 4 over a 4 raise. And whether you have 0, 1, or 2 s also plays a role.
Which is 4SF to game?
Clearly this question generates added complexity if you’ve tacked on XYZ to this auction. I believe what the OP is simply trying to ask is “what makes sense in a Walsh context without XYZ, where 4SF is required to force to game”? Thus, to answer this carefully worded question ...
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