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Mark Bartusek
Mark Bartusek
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Sept. 19, 2015
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about me

Retired Aerospace software engineer - Electronic Warfare (F-18 Superhornet) with Raytheon Company

Texas Hold-em player

Long-time owner of 1994 Mazda twin-turbo RX-7 modified to almost 400hp


United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
5th in NABC Blue Ribbon Pairs, 1st overall in 0-5,000 and 0-10,000 NABC pairs (played each event only once), 4th in NABC Fast Pairs, 4th in NABC North American Swiss, multiple 9-16 overalls in Vanderbilt / Spingold, 1st (twice) and 2nd (twice) in the annual Bridge World MSC Contest (out of 6 attempts), National Appeals Committee co-team leader for 15 years.
Regular Bridge Partners
John Jones, Michael Schreiber, Jeff Miller, Carreen Hinds, Jeff Goldsmith, the late Marshall Miles, Rick Panter, Will Beall, Jack Yeasley
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Santa Barbara, CA
Favorite Conventions
Kaplan Inversion with Flannery 2D
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Emerald Life Master
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What system over (1m) - 2m - (pass) - ?
Marshall Miles always played the following: It allows getting to game with "appropriate" major suit fits. 1m 2m (ANY) ..2 = DIAMONDS ..2M = SIGNOFF ..2NT = INVITATIONAL IN BOTH MAJORS & ASKING ..3 = INVITATIONAL IN HEARTS, 2+ SPADES ..3 = INVITATIONAL IN SPADES, 2+ HEARTS ..3 = INVITATIONAL IN HEARTS, STIFF ...
Poll for support double users
I play ALL opener doubles are support Xs if partner bid a suit at the 1-level (or made a negative double of 1 or 1) with 1 exception: **if RHO makes a "natural" (attempting to play) 1NT, then opener double is penalty. Note: for me a support double ...
A Developoment of 4th suit GF after 1x-1y
Lumping everything into a 1 bid causes confusion later in the auction when both partners are guessing as to what patterns are being shown (especially what spade length, and whether a Moysian spade fit is available and or playable). The 2 bid is so clearly defined it makes ...
A Developoment of 4th suit GF after 1x-1y
I would suggest that for 1-1-1- ? 1 and 2 should be swapped. I have played this way for decades (when I don't play the XYZ convention). This assumes that 4th suit is always game-forcing (which a significant number of players adopt for consistency sake ...
Denial of 4 Hearts?
Obviously you must make some takeout doubles holding only 3 hearts. Thus, my notes with partners show the following: X = both minors and fewer than 4 hearts 2NT = 4 hearts and a minor This way you avoid playing 4-3 heart fits at the 3 level (unless advancer is something like ...
Very Strong Hands
I've always broken Kokish into 3 separate ranges for the bidding: 25-27 or 31+ (Kokish to 2NT) 28-30 (Kokish and rebid 3NT over 2) This way when you bid again (after Kokishing to 2NT) you are showing significant extra values. I believe the extra points held to bid ...
How New Convention Charts Apply to Existing Mid-Chart Conventions
Note: both Flannery and Kaplan Inversion provide marginal benefit by themselves. ONLY in combination are they very powerful since one has a lot more 1H - 1S auctions which allow either a passable 1NT rebid by opener or a true 4-card suit length rebid in a minor. (one often does not ...
How New Convention Charts Apply to Existing Mid-Chart Conventions
A couple additional items that I greatly favor are now allowed in the Open and Open+ a) 3NT opening showing a non-solid Major (Kantar 3NT) b) Kaplan Inversion where 1H-1NT shows spades
Rosenkranz type redouble
Most of my partners and I play it as: Decent competitive HCP values with precisely a doubleton in partner's guarantee of a high honor (since with a stiff or void one would usually either trap pass or bid another suit) This treatment allows partner to bid more ...
BW 2/1 SHAPE and STRENGTH System Summaries
Whether you play "Shape" or "Strength" I would suggest that opening 1H and then bidding 2S (over 2m) does not require additional strength because the very descriptive nature of the bid facilitates constructive bidding while maximizing bidding space (and generally allowing follow-up clarification of strength).
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