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Leo Lasota's bidding problem: 75 AJ5 965 AQ976
This problem is solved by opener rebidding 2NT (or 2 Kokish) when 5332. When was the last time it went 2-2-2 and the best contract was for Opener to declare 3NT? The final contract is almost always a suit contract after this start. I believe the ...
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: A84 J9864 Q5 T74
I wonder if 3 here is a Game Try in hearts since I'm a passed hand and I can't have diamonds worth bidding on their own at the 3 level. If so, that is what I would like to bid.
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: 75 AJ5 965 AQ976
I don't understand why people play 3 here as 2nd negative. Why not play old fashioned way where 2NT is 2nd negative and 3 is nice and natural? 2NT as 2nd negative also saves space and allows Opener to bid a nice natural 3 if that ...
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: KQT T943 Q642 K4
I would have also doubled 2C.
Mark Chen's lead problem: K875 AJT8 A9 J72
The whole layout is available at Board #3 of
Mark Chen's lead problem: 852 QJ97 3 K9863
I led the Q and hit Partner with QJT xx QTxxx A7x. Declarer ended up making 10 tricks. The other table led the 6, Dummy had the stiff J, Partner had A74, and Declarer had QT52. Partner won their A and continued clubs. Declarer guess wrong and split honors on ...
Mark Chen's bidding problem: KQJ987 x xx Jxxx
Partner had xxx xxx x AQTxxx. Not clear if he should pass, double, or bid 7 over 7? When he passed, I was worried that they had 13 tricks in hearts, so I also bid 7, which turned out to be a phantom save. Interesting that 28 ...
Forcing or not?
I think 2 should be game forcing. If so, then 3 is game forcing.
Does multi go for more numbers?
These are faded good memories over a long period of time. I guess get off the hook is a generalization for getting out of a losing imp position, not necessarily getting away from the axe. I vaguely remember the following good results: 1. Both tables play 2M 2. Our Opps ...
Does multi go for more numbers?
I've been playing Multi for 20+ years and I agree with Danny. There have been 10+ times where Opps overcalled our suit and we got off the hook. I like Multi but I don't love it. Pros: Opposite sides Declarership, Frees up 2H & 2S opening bids Cons: Makes ...

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