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Mark Chen
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July 15, 2012
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July 9
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5-5 Major Hand After Partner Opens 2NT
Nice K unblock! Glad we didn't play this hand vs. you!
5-5 Major Hand After Partner Opens 2NT
Partner had AQ A3 Q973 AKJ85. On this hand, the winning contracts are 4 or 3NT. See Board #5 of for the entire layout. Like 88/100 people so far, I chose to show my 5-5 game-only hand by bidding 3 and ...
Fantasy Bracket not saved
There are a lot of incomplete brackets and some brackets that did not get the full 64 points for the Round of 64. Something is out of whack. For now, a known manual workaround is to do what Michael and Alan suggests above.
Mark Chen's lead problem: J3 Q 8654 A87532
Partner had xx A53 AKJx QJxx. Declarer was 6-6 in the majors with a stiff diamond. The winning defense was HQ to HA, heart ruff, diamond to the K, another heart ruff. I unfortunately led a diamond and Declarer made 4H. Everybody on the poll did better than me on ...
Mark Chen's lead problem: 42 A732 T95 AJ83
Probably seemed like a boring problem, I thought a diamond lead was called for also. Survey has T(25), 5(1), and 2(3). The layout is Board #8 at On this hand, the A lead is needed. Poll seems ...
Attitude or Count Signal?
Thanks all, got lots of replies to this post, some relevant and some on a tangent. Declarer had Jx KQT9x x AKTxx and was cold after winning the A, cashing Q, and leading to her T. Partner had KQ9xx A AQxx Jxx, won his A, and then underled in spades ...
Mark Chen's bidding problem: K52 AQ4 A953 K53
As of now there are 25 passers and 9 1NT bidders. LHO opened light with xx KTx KJxx Axxx, RHO stole from us by bidding 1 with JTxxx Jxx Txxx x. The Opponents bid uncontested 1-1-1NT-2!-2 (2 is an invite or a diamond ...
Prahalad Rajkumar's bidding problem: A5 AKQ984 AQ AK4
I wanted to bid 8NT but Bridge Winners website would not allow it. I do see that 8NT is not cold, looks like we might need a squeeze for that to come home! I ended up bidding 5S to show 2 or 5 with Q. But I admit I would ...
Who Bid Too Much?
East was 2731.
Mark Chen's bidding problem: KQ9 9643 --- AQJ954
Yes, after I saw the whole layout I was happy we were not -800.

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