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Mark Chen
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July 15, 2012
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Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: Q632 6 K9764 AKT
I passed, as I would play 3 as non-forcing, showing something like x AKxxx Jx QJxxx. If Partner has a GF hand, they should first double 2.
Mark Chen's bidding problem: x Kxx Jxx AKT8xx
I passed with this hand, regretting at the time that maybe I should have taken a more forward-going action. Fortunately I passed in tempo, and Partner came to the rescue by reopening with KJxxx AKxxxx xx after 3 was passed around to him. I then bid 5 ...
Retired Justice John Paul Stevens, Associate Justice, SCOTUS
Yours is a neat story too Howard. I did not know that Martina Navratilova plays bridge also!
Retired Justice John Paul Stevens, Associate Justice, SCOTUS
Neat story Jeff, thanks for sharing! Looks like you showed that us citizens were very appreciative of Justice Stevens service to our country. I did not know that I was only two degrees of separation from a Supreme Court Justice!
Thanks, Fred Gitelman
Thank you Fred! I got a chance to play vs. you once in a Vanderbilt about 10 years ago(?), after the match I think I verbally told you how much I appreciate BBO, or at least I hope so. I love watching Vugraph of nationals and world championships! Because of ...
5-5 Major Hand After Partner Opens 2NT
Nice K unblock! Glad we didn't play this hand vs. you!
5-5 Major Hand After Partner Opens 2NT
Partner had AQ A3 Q973 AKJ85. On this hand, the winning contracts are 4 or 3NT. See Board #5 of for the entire layout. Like 88/100 people so far, I chose to show my 5-5 game-only hand by bidding 3 and ...
Fantasy Bracket not saved
There are a lot of incomplete brackets and some brackets that did not get the full 64 points for the Round of 64. Something is out of whack. For now, a known manual workaround is to do what Michael and Alan suggests above.
Mark Chen's lead problem: J3 Q 8654 A87532
Partner had xx A53 AKJx QJxx. Declarer was 6-6 in the majors with a stiff diamond. The winning defense was HQ to HA, heart ruff, diamond to the K, another heart ruff. I unfortunately led a diamond and Declarer made 4H. Everybody on the poll did better than me on ...
Mark Chen's lead problem: 42 A732 T95 AJ83
Probably seemed like a boring problem, I thought a diamond lead was called for also. Survey has T(25), 5(1), and 2(3). The layout is Board #8 at On this hand, the A lead is needed. Poll seems ...

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