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Mark Crumrine
Mark Crumrine
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Aug. 17, 2015
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Jan. 16
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Wallis and Futuna

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Edelstein and Weingarten Win NAP
Amazing!!!! Grats Matt and Jeff!!!
Followup to the Well
Thanks for doing this and being an inspiration to us all. What's your view on the possibility of going 1oo% electronic at the highest levels of the game? Do you think that the lack of table feel would make it a different game? Thanks for all the times you ...
Denver 10 Redux - some questions
A simple recital of the FACTS and the rationale set forth for punishment? No hanging. No flogging with a wet noodle. I would think that a long time Unit President and Conduct and Ethics chair would be a little more open to the not so novel notion of transparency. No ...
Denver 10 Redux - some questions
Excellent point, Ray. Could anyone who has the contact information for the appropriate ACBL officials please post? Also, we might try contacting Mark Lair and Dan Morse directly to see if they would be interested in clearing up what some people are characterizing as a minor transgression
Denver 10 Redux - some questions
As I said in another thread..."I'm not saying the league is wrong or right. I have no facts or data to form an opinion one way or the other. I want those facts and data...period"
Recent Disciplinary Actions
I'm not saying the league is wrong or right. I have no facts or data to form an opinion one way or the other. I want those facts and data...period...
Recent Disciplinary Actions
On the contrary, Nat, we ARE entitled to know all the details. The system should serve the members, not the other way around. A simple "here's what happened, this is our rationale for imposing penalties according to the following rules" would be sufficient. The truth will set you free.
Mark Lair - A Class Act
This is all speculation until we know ALL the facts. ACBL...Release the details...
ACBL Counsel Response on Forfeiture of Titles
So...The CDR at the time does not specifically preclude the stripping of titles going backward for the teammates...
Game Of Chance? College Club Shut Down
Any given weekend in North Carolina during football and basketball season more money is bet both INSIDE and outside the state on those contests than has been bet in the history of bridge. But it's obvious that this is a direct result of the poker turn down...

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