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A Tricky 3NT Game
Steve, Thanks for your article. And while as always your math is certainly correct, I disagree as to the implications. West neither opened or overcalled. So the relative likelihood of a 5=3=4=1 pattern vs 4=4=4=1 without the heart K is decreased by taking into ...
USBC slam defence
Josh, why would it be wrong to shift to a club from Qxx? Would you be afraid that declarer had a stiff J with xxxxx in spades?
Withdrawal from an Open Trials team - GCOC change proposal
Perhaps sufficiently remote to ignore, but I wondered what would be the procedures if say 2 players wanted to withdraw from a 5-person team or two pairs wanted to withdraw from a 6-person team.
Length of 2017 USBC Matches
I'm sorry that what I wrote wasn't sufficiently clear, but byes would not be directly affected. What I was proposing was that there by multiple RR's, including one R16 with 8 survivors (including those with R8 byes), followed by a R8 RR. Assuming no team has a ...
Length of 2017 USBC Matches
Danny, can you clarify why that is so.
Length of 2017 USBC Matches
You're right. One could avoid that problem if by some version or versions of Round-Robins the field was reduced to four teams with KO's starting only with the Semis. Then the two semi-finalist losers play off simultaneously with the final. Then the winner of the losers match plays ...
Length of 2017 USBC Matches
Noting that: (i) round-robin skill is important in the Bermuda Bowl competition, and (ii) a KO format is not ideal for selecting the second-best team, I suggest replacing the current R16 format with a round-robin to qualify 8 teams for the R8 with those teams that fail to make it ...
Feedback for Convention Chart
I agree. Another instance would be for a partnership to require for certain awkward shapes such as 1-4-4-4 that the playing strength be stronger than other patterns such as Balanced or with a minor singleton or void.
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: 974 --- AK8642 AK72
In this sequence I would interpret five diamonds as first round controls in all suits other than diamonds, but weak diamonds. Given the prior bidding, it is useless to play 5D as good trump but otherwise lacking controls. Kantar once suggested that leaps in forcing auctions should be 2-way: showing ...
Running The Gauntlet In Poland
Sabine, Congratulations to you and Roy for your outstanding performance. The scoring error and failure to detect was not your fault. Whether you or Bach - Cornell would have won in the absence of the scoring error is unknowable. You and Roy might well have done better (or possibly worse) on ...

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