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Senior COC issues with fewer teams entering
With only one team being selected, I would favor all of the KO matches to be 120 boards.
VOTE on Whether an IMP penalty can be awarded for slow play if there is a video recording of the segment
As has already been mentioned, the information visible from BBO may be unreliable as to assigning time consumed.
Common Leb mishap
The information of a 1-4-4-4 hand with an 8-count is insufficient. For most such hands, I wouldn't allow a bid. But if say with x-10xxx-Axxx-Axxx, I would allow 3S, which isn't a 100% guarantee of winding up in 3N.
Director call - have I missed something?
Lauria was the declarer.
Director call - have I missed something?
I was on the committee. The break in tempo occurred when the defender didn't immediately realize that the low heart from dummy had been called. In fact, playing low from KQx was not only a rational play, but was necessary to defeat the contract by force. So the committee ...
Nickell vs. Lall - Last Board
If Meckstroth had Qx of clubs at trick 12, then Rodwell would have been dealt either 752/AK1074/QJ97/7 or 752/AK1074/J1097/7, depending upon whether Meckstroth discarded the diamond 10 or Q, although I expect Meckstroth would have found the queen discard. Even if Rodwell was looking ...
A Tricky 3NT Game
Steve, Thanks for your article. And while as always your math is certainly correct, I disagree as to the implications. West neither opened or overcalled. So the relative likelihood of a 5=3=4=1 pattern vs 4=4=4=1 without the heart K is decreased by taking into ...
USBC slam defence
Josh, why would it be wrong to shift to a club from Qxx? Would you be afraid that declarer had a stiff J with xxxxx in spades?
Withdrawal from an Open Trials team - GCOC change proposal
Perhaps sufficiently remote to ignore, but I wondered what would be the procedures if say 2 players wanted to withdraw from a 5-person team or two pairs wanted to withdraw from a 6-person team.
Length of 2017 USBC Matches
I'm sorry that what I wrote wasn't sufficiently clear, but byes would not be directly affected. What I was proposing was that there by multiple RR's, including one R16 with 8 survivors (including those with R8 byes), followed by a R8 RR. Assuming no team has a ...

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