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Mark Guthrie
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Aug. 3, 2013
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National Technology Officer for the Australian Bridge Federation.

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Best use of 2!d opening in a big club system
Having tried a lot of things with little success, we now play it like Kieran suggests and it seems to work well. I don't see a problem with overloading the 1 opening as it comes up so often, especially if you do overload it. It means the 2 ...
I've never seen this before
If I ask about the vulnerability on every single board, I will drive my partner mad. What happens if after I ask, I subsequently forget? Our system changes depending upon the vulnerability, so if someone asks about my partner’s bid I would need to give both explanations - “if we ...
I've never seen this before
I am color blind. Depending upon how the boards are labelled (vivid colors or the vulnerability underlined), I may need to refer to my personal score sheet to check the vulnerability. There is nothing in the rules that I can see that allows me to ask about it, so if ...
Defence to Forcing Pass
Thanks for all of the feedback. I really appreciate it. Especially Peter's real experience with playing forcing pass in Australia. It's given me a lot to think about. I'm still interested in trying to play it (although missing dinner is a big concern!). I think rather than ...
Time for a rethink
How did we get here? This must be the only game in the world where half of the rules are agreed internationally and the rest are made up locally. In most sports, regulations cover where you can park your car and what colour clothes you can wear, not fundamental aspects ...
Time for a rethink
Great post. I couldn't agree more. I just finished playing bridge in a mythical place where everything-goes is almost allowed. You have to book early for the more popular congresses or you won't get in, and you have to stand the humiliation of being beaten by people 30 ...

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