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Mark Kaptein
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Dec. 25, 2013
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Double after partner's pass
There are 2 hand with 12 cards. If they had 13, I would double with those too....
Do not misplay this slam (like I did ....)
Yes thanks. I missed that.
Do not misplay this slam (like I did ....)
The lead definitely suggests east does not have AK. From there on, I am gonna play as follows: - Win the J and play A and a , discarding a from hand if west does not cover. Suppose east wins, and plays back a . I win in south ...
What do you lead now?
Very nice problem! I will assume imps and a good(!) partner. My observations: - Declarer definitely has 3+ , since from T85 partner should not cover the 9 in the first trick. In his view declarer will have two honours doubleton if partner has that. - Although the idea is nice, we ...
Mark Kaptein's lead problem: AJ64 Q53 42 Q762
Thanks all. Both a club and the ace of spades set the contract. Although after spade A you'd better switch to a club.
Mark Kaptein's lead problem: 432 JT654 865 93
Partner had the ace of diamonds. Without that led, declareren had 13 trucks....
Mark Kaptein's lead problem: 432 JT654 865 93
I agree, but since it was my partners lead, I could not do much about that...
Assign the (no) blame
1nt (4, 5+ m) --- 5h
Elimination Play(IMP) (!D and !S distribution revealed)
Not cashing the clubs before playing the king of Hearts look better
2/1 Auction
How does that work? Gazilli after partner responded 2 hearts?

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