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Mark Kinzer
Mark Kinzer
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Feb. 8, 2012
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about me

I am a Milwaukee area bridge player and occasional author.

United States of America

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Finishing 2nd in the nation in the Intercollegiate championships (1979)
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Published in Bridge World, Brewer Bridge, Bridgewinners
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Bob Marheine, Kerry Smith
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Open DC Discussion Thread
I just got back from Washington yesterday. My favorite restaurant there was named Open City, on the corner of Calvert & 24th - a very short walk from the Marriott. Second favorite was the Italian place right around the corner on Connecticut, but VERY slow service.
Mark Kinzer's bidding problem: 3 AQT84 A93 J874
I pulled to 3C. It turns out that RHO was well stacked in clubs, but a scrambling crossruff worked out. Next time I'll pass.
What do you play 2NT-3!S?
I play the methods first outlined in Al Roth's book, Picture Bidding. 3S is a relay to 3NT, as described above (one or both minors, or to play). 2NT - 3NT shows K or Q sixth of either minor, and nothing else. The goal is to play 3NT when opener ...
If you want to play the Powerball lottery 10 times, or 100,000 times, and not have it cost you a cent, try this. (for the record, I "bet" $100,000, and "won" 8,871, thus saving myself $91,129 by doing this on a simulator.) ...
Why Not 1340 Roman Keycard Blackwood?
1342 (or is that 1331?) is a possibility if played at a lower level. In fact, Phil Warden's Precise Neo Roman (PNR) system, which combines a strong club with canape openers, has for years used 2NT as a Key Card raise, with the following response structure: 3C = 1 KC ...
Director, that's not our understanding!
[Tongue in cheek] Maybe these calls would be more acceptable if you gave the method a catchy name. [/Tongue in cheek] Bob Sundby's book "Breakthrough in Bridge" called these bids a "Hasty Heart" and a "Speedy Spade".
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
Back in the 1970's a pair of young guns were experimenting with a strong pass system at the local club in Madison WI. One of the veterans of the club, named Emerson Stanley, heard RHO "open" with pass, duly alerted. Emerson announced "Double". Director! Emerson still fumed why he ...
Is reverse attitude really superior?
Here is my favorite hand that argues against upside down attitude: Declaring after a 1NT-3NT auction, I held AKQ9 of spades opposite a small doubleton. My RHO shifted to a low spade from J8743, and my LHO had to signal from 10-2. He of course chose the 10, giving me ...
Mark Kinzer's bidding problem: 6 52 AKJ53 AKJ43
This hand came up during a discussion of bidding methods. Should 3C here be nonforcing? What is 3S? How good should your hand be to bid 4C here?
A trump coup and a squeeze. On the same hand!
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