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Mark Kornmann
Mark Kornmann
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Oct. 27, 2015
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Oct. 22, 2016
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Bridge Director
about me

I'm a retired Fed (Navy Civilian; took a buyout 6/30/03); started directing a Mon nite club game in Y2K.  Also write our Unit's column for the D21 "Forum", am a big baseball & craft beer geek , & like to travel.  Started playing duplicate in HS (1966, in DC area, where I lived from late '62-late '78) - I & my bridge club buddies ran a local HS bridge league where schools played home & home 16-board BAM's (4 pairs/team) - one of them was Pete Boyd (whose parents kindly let us use their basement for occasional Fri/Sat nite poker games).


I still play occasionally (usually @ my club w/partner-less folks) or in Regionals/Sectionals/NABC's & local club games. Have been on my Unit BOD (VP 10+ yrs) for 20 yrs & am 1 of our 2 reps to D21 Board.  Also manage our Unit website.


I'm a strong advocate of "playing up" - you don't learn a thing playing against stiffs once you have confidence in your own abilities.


Pic I posted is of one of my cousins' kids & I @ a Marlins game 4/15.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making a slam on a Moysian fit via a trump coup vs Kit & Sally Woolsey in the last round of one of my Unit's Sectionals
Bridge Accomplishments
Won: "Gold Rush Pairs" 5/2013 in Sacto; Bracketed KO Phoenix NABC 11/2002; 2-session open pairs Santa Rosa Sectional 6/1993
Regular Bridge Partners
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
NABC's in SF or Reno
Favorite Conventions
Flannery; Reverse Drury; Jacoby; Texas; 3NT resp to 1Maj promising 3Maj-3-3-4 (unspecified 4-card) & 13-15 HCP
BBO Username
beerman49 (only play pre-arranged private games there w/friends)
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Jackie Matthews: 1936-2016
As a U497 (Berkeley-El Cerrito-Richmond) rep to D21 since the mid-90's, I heard many a Jackie joke (she loved puns) & even told her a couple. The bridge world lost a SAINT - she was a fun opponent at the table as well. D21 is very grateful that she "cloned" herself ...
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
That hand barely makes the common 8.5 QT standard for 2 openers, but WTF else guarantees you a shot to show that hand if nobody's bid ahead of you? Oddly, you'd be "gassed" if partner passed, holding something like: XX (any 2 red X's) T98765432 :)
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
Alan - tx for the info; my LOL probably will shrug her shoulders & go "aww, that's too bad" when I tell her. Interesting site there. Presume you like to wager a few shekels on the ponies now & then.
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
I have a Wed LOL club regular named Josie, who likes to play the horses (mostly place & show bets; I think her budget is $25-30/track visit; there's one nearby). Late July 2013, my roomie & I take our annual trip to Del Mar; there's a horse named Only Josie Knows in the 1st race on Fri ...
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
Good one - at least P2 had the good sense to pass :)
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
Of course, the correct answer to the posed Q is "Yes" - but any positive answer would lead perp to be sent to a holding tank for immediate deportation.
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
Amen to that - neither could I then, nor will I ever. I like where I've been for the last 37 years (Oakland & Richmond, CA) - cool temps AND people.
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
I offer a fun challenge: Who's lived in 2+ units and played against a world-class player who, at the time, was a member of your unit, in a UNIT-sponsored sectional against them (2+; the more the better)? Stories about experiences (bad or good) welcome! Mine is Kit Woolsey (who ...
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
Karen - Before mid-1961, the Washington Bridge League was the ACBL Unit covering the entire DC metro area; when it decided to integrate, the dissenters on the VA side of the river formed the NVBA (Northern VA Bridge Assn). I lived in Wheaton & Silver Spring MD (Montgomery Co) from 12/62-late 11/78 (joined ACBL in '66 when in HS Bridge Club). When my family moved there from Fresno, CA (not exactly a bastion of liberal views; it was "de-facto" segregated housing-wise & the discrimination ...
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
Ed - you hit it - here's a link to ABA website which you & all others posting here might find interesting & enlightening:
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