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Mark Leonard
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June 24, 2010
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United States of America

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Almost beating Nickell team in Houston Vanderbilt
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2010 0-5000 Mini-Spingold Winner
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Phil Clayton, Anant Rathi, Ed Piken, Robert Shore, Rai Osborne
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Zlatan tied to Sweden Open
I was at the game. It was the most exciting match I have ever been at. As for the second goal, he was even with the ball and onside. In the post-match interview on Fox, he said, "The crowd was chanting 'We want Zlatan ...
Snowball in Hell
I memorialized the worst one against me in a blog post:
Michael Seamon Junior USBC (Part 2)
I've only played against Richard a small number of times, but my experience from that gives me great confidence that he and his teammates will represent the US well and with great class.
Open San Diego Discussion Thread
You would lose your bet. When I inquired to a director about when we would know the qualifier list, she explained that they were working on combining the databases and that it would take some time. While I would like to see the process get better, I've never had ...
Swiss teams - with hand records, bridgemates and less waiting time - it IS possible!
I agree with everyone that by having all tables be careful, there should be no problem. But in order to ALMOST idiot-proof the system,the BridgeMates could display: Board Your N/S Score Your E/W Score IMPS /*list of scores here*/ Your Team wins/loses by XX IMPS for ...
Swiss teams - with hand records, bridgemates and less waiting time - it IS possible!
I participated in this event as well (finished ahead of Yu by a massive 1 VP). I think it would be great to have all Swiss run this way. One area for improvement is that when the last score of the round is entered, the pairings were made with no ...
Best percentage play
Bridge CCAnalyser ( says that with a known 6 or 7 card suit with West, running the 10 is the best play for either four or five tricks.
No Penalty After A Revoke ?
This really isn't a matter for a poll, just reading the laws: Law 64A.2 When a revoke is established and the trick on which the revoke occurred was not won by the offending player then, if the offending side won that or any subsequent trick, after play ends ...
MAZURKIEWICZ Wins Transnational Teams
@Giovanni: France had automatic qualification as the host of the event, which did not count against the Europeans zone's six allocated slots. So the top six teams, not including France, qualified from the Euro Championships. @Spencer: There used to be a provision for the defending champion to Bermuda Bowl ...
Grue-Moss Slam Bidding
Session 6, Board 18 was after an aggressive preempt by the opponents that struck gold. Session 8, Board 28 was an invitational sequence after a notrump opening These two boards cannot contribute to an evaluation of their relay methods.

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