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Mark Lombard
Mark Lombard
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June 19, 2012
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May 9
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Bridge Player
about me

Living a life of love & art and bridge.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Getting a phone call and subsequent interview from Mr. Alan Truscott of New York Times to inform us that we won the worldwide Alcatel competition Friday, June 5, 1998 with a 75.83% game.
Regular Bridge Partners
Mark Hupert, Brady Allen, Jim Woeber, Renalto Robledo, Corey Krantz.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Bridge Club of Center City, Philadelphia
Favorite Tournaments
Glitter Gulch Regional
Favorite Conventions
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ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
BW 2/1: 1!D-2!C-2M
This is best played using good ol' Partnership Agreement.
How do we bid those hands to the best game?
Weak NT gets you to game. Best place to be in teams, don't you think?
Mark Lombard's bidding problem: T KQJ32 T8642 82
Agreed. That being said, how do you envision the west hand?
The biggest insult
My inadvertent insult: We were playing at our vacation home club and came across who I thought I recognized as a world-champion player playing with an unknown older woman. "Are you Mr. 'X'?, I queried. "Yes," he replied. Starstruck, I continued, "May I ask who your partner is?" "Why, that ...
Eddie Wold elected to Hall of Fame
What I like the most about Eddie is that he goes out of his way to compliment you when you play a hand well.
Chris Gibson's bidding problem: T AJ73 T93 K8753
"Pass," I say, meekly. Our partnership agreement here is that a "x" means, "Pd, i wish to compete further, unless you want to convert for penalty." Do you really figure 5 (or 6)H makes?
Tallahassee Red
Good character development...looking forward to seeing more.
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: A873 AJ73 J AQ64
Man, Leo, if I were to try something like that it would not end well. I don't know anyone who would find a 2H call here. Looking forward to seeing these poll results.
Mark Lombard's bidding problem: AKQxx Jxx xx xxx
yes, i could bid 5s and be happy with any result. pd would get the message....
Mark Lombard's bidding problem: AKQxx Jxx xx xxx
Well, I held xxxx, - , Axx, AKQxxx - kudos to Eric's and others' analyses - and thought I described my problem with my 4H bid; i.e., that I didn't know the quality of pd's spade suit. Pd, merely bid 4s and I passed. He then excoriated me (BBO) for ...

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