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Mark Moss
Mark Moss
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Aug. 25, 2011
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Jan. 23
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In 1991, my inexperienced team won the Mitchel BAM before I had 1,000 master points -- some good play and lots of great luck.
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Emerald Life Master
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Round QT's
"♥A then ♥x is any less sure than plan (4)?" If the trumps split 2/2, it's probably better to play ace then small heart. North may well duck his king and then you can take the club finesse for the overtrick. If the trump jack is still out ...
RIP Steve Landen
I remember Steve as a long-haired teenager hanging out at Russ Roosen's bridge club in Oak Park, MI. He was quiet, very likable, and an incredibly quick learner. Even after he became a well-known national star, he always remained kind and respectful. He was a great guy and will ...
Wich line for this 6!c ?
Playing for either 3/3 hearts or taking the ruffing finesse are about the same (absent more clues regarding the diamond split after the lead of the 7). Playing for the split leads to "down 1" if it's wrong. Taking a ruffing finesse leads to "down 2" if it ...
ATB on missed laydown 7NT
As has been noted by everyone, South's hand is much too good for 2NT. And I think North should bid 3H then 4S as a mild slam try. At IMPs, there's no reason for North to worry about the extra 10 points for playing in NT.
4-4 in the minors
In real life, I'd open 1C and have a very uncomfortable decision on this round of bidding. But if I knew how the auction would proceed (as I do here), I'd open 1D and have an easy 2C rebid.
Were we Damaged
Clearly N/S were given MI. However, I also think that East's 3D call confirmed that he had a weak hand with diamonds (and not hearts). West figured that out and so should North and South. N/S were both misinformed and unlucky. But I don't see that ...
What's This Double?
That's a 2NT opener (or 1C or something similar), certainly not a 1D opener. But I agree that it's probably 4 hearts and lots of aces and kings.
Has ACBL Live Died? New drop-ins in LM Pairs
I too have been getting updates quickly after each session.
Elegance or Certainty?
K or Small from Dummy
Q: "Is there a clear rationale for what to do?" A: "Yes."

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