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Methods/Arguments after 1NT (2C) Majors
Our memory is not strong enough for different offenses(?) to all the possible 1NT defenses. This is similar to Larry Cohen's advice linked by David Loeb above. We are however lazier than Larry; he prepares a special defense to 2C showing the majors.. Here, we play good old Lebensohl ...
Grand politeness in Tromsø
Grand politeness in Tromsø
Thank you for the nice article - very interesting bidding system and auction. I don't quite understand how Cenk knew you didn't have Q? I guess I have missed an inference. Or possibly a third denial cue-bid ask took place in real life, but is missing from the auction ...
Hand Shuffling
Law 7C: Returning Cards to Board After play has finished, each player should shuffle his original thirteen cards, after which he restores them to the pocket corresponding to hiscompass position. Thereafter no hand shall be removed from the board unless a member of each side, or the Director, is present.
Kill the Threat
I thought that the consensus view was that all signalling systems are essentially equivalent? Kit's suggested system uses six of the spot cards to send a suit preference message. Standard odd/even uses only five. So Kit's system will find it easier to send a suit preference message ...
competitive methods
I don't think Jeff Goldsmith posts on BW, but some of his Bridge Without Sam articles touch on this point. For example In summary, in a hearts (us) vs clubs (them) auction, he has the agreement that a leap to game bars ...
Unusual NT - 5521 or 5530?
I don't understand the last paragraph. I disagree with the second last paragraph. For example using Bridge World notation 7=3=2-1 vs 7=3=3-0, the answer should come out to 3.55 as before. So, IMO, P(7=3=2-1) = (1.8808/4!)*2 = 0.1567, P ...
Separate or combine INV and GF major raises?
Yes, I have certainly read a system description which claimed that inv+ raises reduce competition. The argument was that the opponents have to be careful about going for a number on a partscore deal. However, I cannot remember which system description this was, extremely frustrating!! I very much want to ...
Separate or combine INV and GF major raises?
Jassem's book on WJ2005 also discusses this issue, mentioning the forcing pass questions raised above, and also the differing aims of game auctions (communication may help the opponents) and slam auctions (need to communicate to accurately place level/strain). The WJ2005 approach (separating inv and GF raises) was stated ...
In the Well: John Kranyak
No question, but big congrats on USA1, very well done.
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