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Mark Raphaelson
Mark Raphaelson
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Basic Information

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Sept. 3, 2010
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14 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Orlando resident in the hospitality industry, fan of horse (harness) racing, playing volleyball, softball, basketball, and of course bridge.   Enjoy discussions about bridge rules and rulings.  And I'm a sarcastic pain in the ass.


United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning my wife's first gold points in an open event at her first regional. I had been teaching her and told her she couldn't play knockouts and that she had to "earn" her gold in open events. I also fondly remember playing with her when she became a life master.
Bridge Accomplishments
I haven't throttled any of my partners.
Regular Bridge Partners
Lance Marrou, Elliot Raphaelson, Paul Dennis, John Moschella, and Karen Raphaelson (when she was still able to play)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
I wouldn't want to be in any club that would have me as a member.
Favorite Tournaments
Orlando Regional, since that's about the only one I go to, and I like regionals better than nationals, as you get to play the top players more often.
Favorite Conventions
Game Forcing Stayman (transfer/schmansfer), splinters, penalty doubles of 1NT.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Mark and Tansu
2 over 1 with semi-forcing NT
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Mark and Markell
Standard American
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Sub-standard American
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The cost of a bridge game
I found a local game in a retirement community that charges $4 per session. There are 2 clubs in this area that both charge too much. One, that despite the city subsidizing the building and rent, the club board has decided to keep that for themselves rather than pass on ...
Bad Habits of Intermediates
Oh, and I would stay away from Stolen Bids and Kennedy club. I wouldn't call system choices bad habits exactly, and they really are partnership decisions. You may not like stolen bids, but they might be a good first step for a partnership that isn't ready for Lebensohl ...
Bad Habits of Intermediates
Not drawing trump because their trumps are weak. When I teach newer players, I like to tell them there are 3 reasons not to draw trump immediately: 1) You want to ruff something in the dummy (or cross ruff) 2) You need the entries to play something else first (limited ...
Would you roll this back?
Agreed Richard, but I don't know a fair way to poll a situation like this. Kit stated above-thread that to poll people with the instruction of "not knowing what double meant" but doesn't ring right to me. I think a hand that has strong values should be assuming ...
Would you roll this back?
Kit, that makes sense behind screens, if you've announced to your screenmate that your bid showed more than you have (which brings up a whole interesting side-note. Are your obligations just to give your agreements when you make a bid that is intentionally in violation of them. I guess ...
Would you roll this back?
What does the fact that they are playing precision for the first time have to do with taking advantage of UI? I'm not penalizing him for forgetting his system. If, as you say, south was "in a panic" (not sure how this can be assumed from the write-up) perhaps ...
Would you roll this back?
If S intentionally x showing 5-7, expecting to bid again, he's a fool, since he should know it's going to open up a can of worms. But say he responded 1S or 1NT, whatever might show a game forcing hand and N Jumped to 3NT. Now, having shown ...
Is there a good reason to declare an overall winner comparing both directions?
That's how I feel Ed. At least I'm not alone.
Bridge vs Poker: The Battle Continues
"In fact, it’s Poker’s rise to the top that has shoved Bridge, its older, more wizened predecessor, from the limelight." Amusing article, but no. Poker didn't shove bridge anywhere. Bridge hasn't been in the limelight since the 1960's. Since many bridge players are going to ...
Bridge regrets
I regret that when my parents tried to teach me when I was a kid I was uninterested. Somehow I played with my dad once when I was about 12, and we finished 3rd, getting .12 materpoints on a little slip I still have somewhere. And I remember being terrified ...

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