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Mark Smith
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Sept. 8, 2013
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Mark Smith's bidding problem: Q AT65 J42 K8632
please dont answer in a bid to the poll. The problem for the bid waa polled yesterday without the extra information. This is not a bidding question but I was getting a message from bridge winners saying they didnt want 3 passes.
Mark Smith's bidding problem: Q AT65 J42 K8632
Well here is the rest of the story. The player in first seat asked for an undo. The player is a novice. The hosts table rules in this team game was "No Undos" which the novice knew about. I was willing to give the novice an undo so we would ...
Mario Fonzo's bidding problem: K AQ8653 AK9 AK9
our master would double so why shouldn't I
Let me insert this. I was not any of the players. I was not even at this game.
Opening 1NT with singleton
Maybe someone could help me out and tell me why it was decided to constrain this rule to have a singleton honor card in the suit instead of a singleton any card? Also, do you have to count the singleton honor as part of your high card points or can ...
I think its a conspiracy against Bundy. ACBL live is programmed to only find Pegster's bad games and publish those!!
Great sportsmanship at the senior trials
Yes, both situations are examples of very good sportsmanship and bending over backwards to not take advantage of errors by the opponents. A trickier situation arises if a professional player is playing with a client at the table. Of course, in the first example, the pro does not have to ...
An uncommon hand from the common game
Sorry, it was 8-5
So, you deal yourself a 13-count ...
I am really not a fan of holding 4-4-3-3
Not One, But TWO?
The solution is simple Pegster, just add a few more days to Nationals and then everyone could play in every event, what could be easier?

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