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Against very good opponents, I claim all remaining tricks as soon as I see a way to take all but one.  On a good day, the opponents will figure out a way for me to take the rest that I wouldn't have found myself, accept the claim, and move on to the next board.  On a really good day, the opponents will figure out a way for me to take the rest that I can't even follow, accept the claim, and compliment me on my improving declarer play.

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Mark Whitman's bidding problem: A9876 AKQ9 J QT5
3 would nominally be a help suit game try, but partner would raise hearts with 4 and an acceptance. The problem is that partner won't have much help in hearts, so he might very well not accept a game try even though he holds what you need for ...
Retaining Control
Sorry. This was intended for the intermediate forum. I'll try to have it moved.
In The Well: David Berkowitz
Hi David. Maybe 7 or 8 years ago, you and your wife presented a wonderful seminar on defense at the Glen Rock Bridge Club in Maywood, NJ. There was something of interest for everyone from near-beginners to near-experts. Any chance of other seminars in the near future?
The Extra Chance
Nice article. As North, I'm not sure that I would have skipped over 3 to cue a void in my partner's first-bid suit. And as South, assuming you were cue-bidding either first or second round controls, I would have returned to the trump suit if my partner ...
The cost of a bridge game
Here in suburban New Jersey less than 10 miles west of New York City, $15 will get you 24 boards in a daytime game and a modest bagel brunch. The one evening game each week is a comparable bargain at $12. The price is roughly equal to what a movie ...
The Common Game, 5/19/2018; Board 27
Paul, thank you. I'm with you on the use of Stayman. I would have raised 1NT to 3NT in a heartbeat and been stuck with down one. Of course then the play of the hand wouldn't have been quite so interesting. Perhaps most people are opening the South ...
Mark Whitman's bidding problem: AQJ83 QT5 98 T43
This was from Wednesday night's Common Game. The Common Game analyst suggested passing 2 rather than taking a false preference to 2 or rebidding the spades. I had bid 2 at the table, but wasn't sure what was the percentage bid.
Navigating 3NT
Enjoyed the article. I'm guessing the hands but not the bidding were rotated on page 2. For the hand on page 4, my inclination was to strip the diamonds and then play on spades. If East shows up with 4 spades, then play your last spade and pitch a ...
Mark Whitman's bidding problem: 985 AJ2 KJ763 AT
Please cast your vote before reading this comment. This is basically just a sanity check. This was from a club game and East did not alert West's support double. West bid 3 at his fourth turn. I called the director after dummy came down to rule on UI ...
NABC Online Individual - Day 4
Thanks very much for writing up this series. Without realizing how early in the day you played your boards, I also tried to figure out why your scores declined. I could only come up with a couple of very unsatisfactory answers: a) west coasters, who presumably play the boards later ...
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