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Marko Gligorijević
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Sept. 4, 2015
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Nov. 4, 2018
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Selena Pepić's bidding problem: T92 AT82 A82 A63
Good suit, but still I am not sure we can agree that's "constructive weak 2" vul against non-vul
Check Yourself
What type of hand weaker than 18 on East would see 1NT as a best spot to play? If E has 5th suit, he'll probably bid it. If he's balanced and didn't overcall 1NT directly, so hand is like 12-14(15) and probably a good shape for ...
Are system psych allowed?
South has 4 spades. While he was "thinking" on 3 there were a lot of gestures, shaking head and confused staring at that 3 bid. But very fast, after less than 10 seconds he stated loudly: "Hell, now I am going to pass this". They play for 20 ...
Are system psych allowed?
As I said in article, "North had a singleton spade and decided to use psych".
Are system psych allowed?
Thanks Frances, I thought it was so. Very important is that alert should come on 1 and it's too late to alert on 3.
Are system psych allowed?
"I think many have the agreement that 1-1-2-3 is a natural invitation" - I agree. My question is also: Can you agree sequence where you use psych and at some point partner has info that it was psych? That just doesn't feel right.
Smith and discard in defense
8 then 10
My "Big Idea" for Bridge
Spectators should know at least some trump game, otherwise, I think it would be too much confusing for them
UPS Convention
Thanks for those tips. I don't play this system, I just wanted an opinion. There are so many shapes to describe on responder's seat, don't know is it possible to make it useful. One pair who play this system played against me 4 in 5-2 fit ...
UPS Convention
I was trying to present this convention as a replacement of natural Stayman approach, not to compare with the best relay systems. If you play natural system with Stayman, I don't see that 1NT hand is making much decisions. Invitational with 4 majors is the problem, you are right ...

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