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Marko Gligorijević
Marko Gligorijević
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Sept. 4, 2015
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Smith and discard in defense
8 then 10
My "Big Idea" for Bridge
Spectators should know at least some trump game, otherwise, I think it would be too much confusing for them
UPS Convention
Thanks for those tips. I don't play this system, I just wanted an opinion. There are so many shapes to describe on responder's seat, don't know is it possible to make it useful. One pair who play this system played against me 4 in 5-2 fit ...
UPS Convention
I was trying to present this convention as a replacement of natural Stayman approach, not to compare with the best relay systems. If you play natural system with Stayman, I don't see that 1NT hand is making much decisions. Invitational with 4 majors is the problem, you are right ...
UPS Convention
Yes, 4 is "final call" or "cool down" in this system too.
UPS Convention
There is more complicated version which includes 5 cards in major and min/max also. I just wrote the simplest version, as I said in the post. This is easy to remember version, but I agree you can put a lot more if you want to use a full space
UPS Convention
Repeating a doubleton suit is 5 clubs, so: 2-2-2-3
UPS Convention
It does. I am still not convinced they would be more valuable to opponents than to partner, especially if you use another bid for Stayman (like 3). Also, don't overlook the fact that you are using this convention mostly to investigate a slam and the fact that in ...
UPS Convention
We are not speaking here just about finding fit. Also, you might miss minor fit easily after regular Stayman or transfer to major
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: QJxx AQT98x AQx ---
"4D should be a clear "Last Train to 4H" signal" - makes no sense to me. I am not sure how would Last Train work with unconfirmed fit in , but even Last Train to 6 makes more sense. But you said 4 is not a potential slam auction ...

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