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Marley Cedrone
Marley Cedrone
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Dec. 2, 2017
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April 6
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Bridge Player
about me

Junior Bridge Player (14) USBFJR U16 USA1 2020 Salsomaggiore

Bridge is a pretty good game I guess.

My interests outside of bridge include but are not limited to: skiing, mountain biking, and playing the piano.

United States of America

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Non Life Master
JUSBC card for marley + zach
Two Over One Game Forcing
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marley cedrone and zach posternak
Two Over One Game Forcing
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Sally Matthews And Marley Cedrone
Two Over One Game Forcing
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Randy and Marley 2/1
Two Over One Game Forcing
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U16 Card Cedrone-Posternak
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Craig Biddle's bidding problem: KT6532 AKJ75 --- AK
I am only bidding 3N because I do not trust the robot declarer skills.
Petition for NABC+ Midnight KO
The average current ACBL member likely plays bridge as a pastime rather than a passion, so they wouldn't be willing to sacrifice their sleep for a game.
Petition for NABC+ Midnight KO
you arent a serious bridge player unless you play in midnight KO's change my mind.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: KQ JT76532 4 Q83
For the most part, 2 will not stop the opponents from reaching anything, and 3 is a bit too much at this vulnerability. I would rather just pass and hope for either a constructive auction (especially when holding KQ of ), or for the opponents to stumble into ...
Marley Cedrone's bidding problem: T x AQTxx K98xxx
As it turns out 5 is down 4 doubled and 4 is down 2 redoubled when I played it, so we lost 17 imps
Misplay this hand with Me (with apologies to Mark Horton)
I just wrote an entire paragraph on how I'm going to squeeze East only to realize I can't squeeze East.
Marley Cedrone's bidding problem: KQ982 K Q62 J732
I passed like everyone else in the poll, I am just curious if anybody would have done anything else because 2N on this hand is down 2 double dummy.
Arthur Zhou's bidding problem: AK752 KQ9632 A A
If you dbl and show that shows a lot of spades
Is this system bad or illegal? (EDIT)
Well where would it and would it not be legal, I wouldn't play this in anything I pay money to enter unless I have played it and proved that it is effective.
Why Bots Score Well at Clubs (still indefinite answer)
Bots score well because players have the option not to play against them, giving the bots averages instead of the opportunity to earn bad boards or zeroes.

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