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Marshall Lewis
Marshall Lewis
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Aug. 16, 2011
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Writer
about me

If at times my comments seem annoying or offensive, at least consider the possibility that I am really just being playful. 


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
six of diamonds was good
Bridge Accomplishments
most of my partners still walk the earth. as for the exceptions, I have an ironclad alibi
Regular Bridge Partners
i wouldn't know about those details, shame on BW for inquiring
Favorite Tournaments
Pula International Bridge Festival
Favorite Conventions
Takeout Double, Drury, 2-way checkback, druGFree; MOST DISDAINED: Muiderberg, Bergen, Gambling 3N
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Looking for a hand record - 1975 Bowl, Qual. Rd 1
yes a thrilling, no-holds-barred Mano-a-Pedo encounter
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AKQ95 JT4 --- AKQ87
yes, inter alia
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AKQ95 JT4 --- AKQ87
He might IF he thought he knew that we would both know what those calls mean. I conservatively estimate the odds against that prop as Avogadro's Number to one.
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AKQ95 JT4 --- AKQ87
Is he more likely to hold that hand than: x Qx AJT9xxxx Jx ?
Nabil Edgtton's bidding problem: x KTx KTxxx JTxx
not going to pass 4N very committal, but it is what my bones tell me to do compromise with X xx QJxx AJTxx AQ
Nabil Edgtton's bidding problem: Ax xxx xxx K9xxx
If you knew LHO was not going to do anything dramatic, you could try X here. But at this form of scoring the risk/reward ratio is unattractive.
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AKQ95 JT4 --- AKQ87
I am inured to being in a minority, sometimes of one, but honestly I am puzzled why there are not more votes for a natural 4N. In my opinion it is at least as likely to make as 4D (let alone 5D), and according to all the authorities I have ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AKQ95 JT4 --- AKQ87
If he has heart shortage it seems rather unlikely he would keep insisting on diamonds instead of showing tolerance for one of my suits.
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AKQ95 JT4 --- AKQ87
RF: Addressing the GENERAL policy you've just articulated …. Isn't it possible -- perhaps even quasi-routine in an operational context governed by the dogma of frugality cloven (sic) to by extreme advocates of the save-space-at-all-costs mentality -- that partner is temporarily concealing substantial extra values himself because he "knows" he can ...
John McAllister's bidding problem: AJT Axxx KJxx Kx
Whatever one might think of the specific proposal RR has just advanced here, he has from the outset very accurately had his finger on the gist of the focal problem: when the 3M response might be just "pick-a-game", or might be conceived by one partner or both as only "F ...

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