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Martin Cantor
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April 3, 2017
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about me

British and German. Play the game with passion, fairness and fun. Also, less well than I'd like. I write about it too, perhaps also less well than I'd like, but still with gusto.


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Major Alt returns with MontreAlt - now with open Q
I have liked this comment but declare an interest as one of the regular contributors. But agree, chapeau to Christina
Anti cheating committee
Great idea. Well done for organising this.
Trends in bidding as I see them
John Armstrong - Graham Kirby were using 5 card 3 level openings over 40 years ago, and they certainly rose to a fair bit of fame. I think they weren't the only ones either
Delayed Viewing Possibility
I'm a regular BBO commentator, both voice and text. I do it for free and for fun. I have no problem with delayed transmission regardless of channel or platform. Just to note, however, that some of the suggestions on here of how it might operate, and how delay might ...
Commentators' tribute to Roland Friday 29 May
Thanks for the correction Peter. I got it right in the title, no idea why I got it wrong in the body text (except it was late at night)
Roland Wald R.I.P.
I will miss him enormously as a co-commentator and online opponent. The bridge world will miss him even more. Gracious, generous, wise and modest.
Alt Invitational IV Daily Bulletins
Bulletins for this Alt 4 and for the previous ones can be found at
Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments
It's maybe not for me to intrude on North American grief*. However, seeing how this discussion becomes ever more detailed, confused and potentially confusing, I wondered whether there might be an Occam's Razor solution. Perhaps there is. Over there you have SAYC. The clue is in the name ...
Assign the... credit?
Voted Other because I'd never be in this position with that East hand - but I could have voted Control since that is certainly what it would mean. allowing for the fact that 2D might be on a 3 card suit I can live with not bidding 3D at the ...
Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments
I haven't (mea culpa) read the whole draft, just the summary in the OP, so if some or all of this is covered there my apologies. I am quite happy for support dbl/rdbl to be no longer alertable, but it does raise a series of follow-up issues, one ...
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