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Oct. 15, 2016
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July 5
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Strong Heart
That might work nicely :) Certainly getting the strong hands with a major off 1 will help it a lot.
Strong Heart
I do think its really worth considering expanding the range on your 1 opening here quite significantly - there's massive space to cope with even an unlimited 1 = 4+ opening bid. I've played with the idea of 1 = 13+ 4+, paired with 1 ...
Strong Heart
I think whether this is the 'right' or 'wrong' way round for 1 or 1 depends on if you're going to keep them tight ranged or expand them.
Gazzilli Question
If you use 2 here to show this, you will make your GF auctions when opener has 4+ very much messier. You're definitely aiming at quite a small target to gain by bidding 2 here as opener. With a weak hand responder has of course already ...
Viking Club 1M-1NT question
Although I will say I do *not* like it - 1NT is just too useful for part score/game invites etc. Using 2 as the GF Relay bid can be (and has been by multiple very strong pairs) made to work perfectly well. Obviously you can go 1 - 1 ...
Is my 1!D opening legal (EBU)
I'm 99% sure that that 'distribution' thing is to explicitly keep the set of distributions that can open a 'natural 1NT surrogate' or a natural 1NT the same. So 5/332 or 6322's, 5422's etc. Not to permit it to be understrength vs the rule of ...
The playing longevity of bridge experts v chess experts
The person who sees/jumps less far is winning. Person sees N moves ahead but surprise tactic at N+1. Other person commits to tactics that only work due to this surprise tactic. N mover spots it first but it's still too late for them to do anything. That ...
The playing longevity of bridge experts v chess experts
Maybe once but with computers and databases to learn from the top players have started peaking much earlier. Mostly by 20-25 I think then 15-20 years on a rough plateau then slight decline etc.
The playing longevity of bridge experts v chess experts
Very true. Top chess players emphatically don't suddenly forget how to play the game at 40. They just get a little less sharp etc and have younger people supplanting them. Tough to keep motivated once you've been absolutely on top and then aren't, so many simply retire ...
The playing longevity of bridge experts v chess experts
I think a huge chunk of playing really well is managing to concentrate just enough to recognise when you do genuinely need to think. An awful lot of experience involved that.
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