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Martin Clear
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Aug. 29, 2015
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July 28, 2019
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Club level player, Sydney, Australia.

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Couldn't Walk the Dog.. They Closed the door
No-one ever ends up at the bar afterwards trying to explain away to his team-mates his [i]failure[/i] to walk the dog ...
Bidding disaster
I love bidding sequences that repeat ad infinitum, "Do we have a fit yet, partner? No? Oh well then, keep bidding."
Never lost IMPs this way before
Don't give up! If you can sneak T past a West who has 2722 shape with the spade Ace, you can strip the hand and get home.
Board 2 from the 02/08/2018 Common Game
I would have used the same sequence, but the 3 bid would be artificial and simply to show a fifth spade. Is that how Berkowitz-Hamman are using it? And if so, presumably it needs to be alerted as artificial?
Board 2 from the 02/07/2018 Common Game
Actually the bidding as written above shows them getting to a distinctly dubious 3NT ...
Thinking - About what?
Hmmm, if West knew East's opening promised a balanced hand and thus at least two spades, his trap pass in the hope of getting a takeout double from his partner becomes even more questionable, both because it is less likely to happen, and because North must have 0-1 spade ...
Thinking - About what?
My partner makes this kind of hesitation pass all the time (we are not champion level players, but we win the local Tuesday night comp as often as not). I've talked it over with him after the bid, and he agrees it is not a 'bridge decision' he is ...
Super Bowl Bridge
I assumed it was a reference to serving a 'super bowl' of chili.
The Trombones vs the Dalmatians
Awesome research; thanks Nicolas. 0.18% ... so on one session a week, I should get a pregnant dog about twice a year.
The Trombones vs the Dalmatians
It is my lifelong ambition to have the bridge hand card combination of King-Nine-Eight referred to as a 'hungry dog' (ie. K-9-8 thus 'canine ate'). It is definitely a lifelong thing, because frankly the combo doesn't come up much, and passes largely unnoticed when it does. But if that ...
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