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Martin Fleisher
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Feb. 6, 2011
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about me

I'm an attorney by training but spend most of my professional time managing an investment fund invested in life insurance policies.  I play bridge almost exclusively at the nationals, team trials, and (if lucky) international competitions. Most of my practice comes on


I started playing when I was about 8, and duplicate at 11. However, despite some early success,  I didn't play more than a few days a year between 1981 and 1995 as I was pretty focused on my career and had (and still have fortunately) a wife who does not play bridge. I got more serious about bridge around 2003 and feel very fortunate about my success and the partners and teammates I've had. I still think of myself as "young player" but am eligible for ACBL senior events this year (yikes!).  

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Chip Martel
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Grand Life Master
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Outraged by the USBF
It is true that the person who asked is quite close to an influential board member. That person argued strenuously against the rule change.
Outraged by the USBF
The original request was from a woman who wanted to play with her husband in the mixed but didn’t want to lose her chance in the women’s to do so. Perhaps she was looking for an extra paycheck, but that was not the impression of the board.
Outraged by the USBF
And to the best of my knowledge it has not.
Outraged by the USBF
all teams are fully funded
Outraged by the USBF
Steve, this is simply not possible. For one, the open and seniors take more than a week. and a seperate week cannot be allocated to the women's alone--the field is too small. However, there is at least one committee focused on these scheduling issues. I'm sure they would ...
Outraged by the USBF
Adam, I don't understand. Anyone who wins Open cannot enter a new event or be added to another team under current rules. Are you suggesting that some players cannot enter a new event even if they lose in the open?
Outraged by the USBF
BTW, I am the only open sponsor involved in this and I was against there being an exception for the open.
Outraged by the USBF
Because there were people who preferred to play in the seniors, for example. Karen macullum won the women's but prefers to play in the seniors if she wins that. If there were some obviously correct answer we would have come to that.
Outraged by the USBF
I have no problem with people disagreeing with the ultimate decision.(I'm not saying that we could have been better about publicizing the forums.) But dozens of people spent countless hours on this issue. Anyone who feels that the answers are so simple that any rational person would come ...
Outraged by the USBF
Per jeff Meckstroth's comment: 1. Winners of the open trials were not eligible for a future event 2. Even, if #1 were not true, if Jeff won the senior trials he would be ineligible to play in the Bermuda Bowl. I presume his team would be unhappy about this ...

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