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Martin Henneberger
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March 21, 2013
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Bridge player, golfer, traveler. Member of multiple fantasy sports leagues. 


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Overcall or NOT Overcall
I've learned over the years to overcall at the 1-level for almost "any" reason. The results speak for themselves. I've seen too many people get shut out of the bidding and miss their fit or get severely punished by entering the auction later because they "thought" they should ...
Auction after 1NT 3X
Cornelia, it appears you haven't changed your tune since the last time you made the same ridiculous assertion. Please stop. "Anyone silly enough to play negative doubles over 1N openings, please come and play against me. I will be able ...
Who to blame on this bad final contract?
Who to blame on this bad final contract?
Right on, Richard. North's bidding would then be consistent for that type of hand. In fact, with your example, there are 4 major suit losers and 4 is already too high. All that's left to do when that's the layout is to "assign the blame" in ...
Who to blame on this not so good final contract?
You couldn't keep me out of game with the South hand once I know the good hand I'm looking at sits across another opener with 3-card support. The South hand is simply not an invite.
1!D Passed Out Seems Limp
Who to blame on this bad final contract?
It doesn't really matter what 3 means. It doesn't have to mean anything quite frankly. At this point, it's simply a way to further force the auction. Perhaps they were willing to play in 3NT if partner could bid it. I don't need to speculate ...
Who to blame on this bad final contract?
Who to blame on this bad final contract?
To state that blaming responder is nonsense is, in and of itself, nonsensical.
Who to blame on this bad final contract?
I would consider it forcing to at least 3 once there has been a suit agreement. It wouldn't occur to me that 2 could be passed. Just because the hand is limited in terms of HCP's doesn't mean that game or slam isn't still ...

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