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Martin Henneberger
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March 21, 2013
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Bridge player, golfer, traveler. Member of multiple fantasy sports leagues. 


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Double of Sandwich 1NT
When the opponents start showing suits, we'd best do the same. These auctions become a battle over trump fit. High cards have little to do with "knowing" whether to defend or declare and can almost always be shown by making a strength showing call later.
Avon Wilsmore's bidding problem: K2 A72 J87 QJ976
I'm pretty sure pass is not forcing. Marshall makes reference above about top players being morbidly wary of FP's for good reason. We are a passed hand and showed a raise in clubs. Partner said 4 is a possibility if you have some support there. They were ...
After a Lightner double
"Otherwise unfindable lead" - please explain. If you wanted a club lead instead of a diamond, were you somehow barred from bidding 5♣ on the previous round of the auction? Well here goes. I don't subscribe to the notion that the 5 level call is strictly lead directional. It is ...
After a Lightner double
Glad to hear :-)
After a Lightner double
I never said doubling to increase the score was pointless. I am of the opinion that it will not produce the net gains that you think it will. It may end up that I think it's pointless when a club lead hits the table.
After a Lightner double
Doubling to increase the score doesn't compute in many scenarios. When we are getting 100 instead of 50 it's 1 imp. Zero imps if our teammates stayed out of slam and went +450. We'll win another whole imp when we get 300 vs 100 added to +420 ...
After a Lightner double
@ Ed and Michael If you give up the need to collect 300 when you were always getting 100 then you get every other situation right. The net imps won or lost on getting those right will far outweigh your rare and possibly "hypothetical" gain.
After a Lightner double
In auction 1, the 5 bid could have been made as a lead director or a pattern bid allowing partner to make an informed decision should they visualize a profitable sac. In auction 2, the double of 2 showed some length and strength. It was lead suggestive and ...
Find a layout where you can make
Hearts 3-3 and diamonds 2-2. Throw a heart on the A to develop the 12th trick.
Interesting Suit Combination
I think not. How is ATxx / Q9x equivalent to the OP holding of AT3 / Q975?

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