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Bridge player, golfer, traveler. Member of multiple fantasy sports leagues. 


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Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: Q2 --- AKQT95 JT852
4nt does not show the minors. There are other interpretations including natural and quantitative which get my vote. If you feel that you really need to play this hand in a minor you can start with 4 forcing diamonds and bid 5 clubs next. Double is the most flexible. It ...
What directors might not know
That scenario could also be true Dave, but then why call the director a 2nd time? I can't imagine one calling the director back to ask that an opponent be complimented for not taking advantage of their partner's possible indiscretion.
What directors might not know
Stu, I think the whole point of the post was to reprimand the person who held the 4-2-3-4 13 count. They were conventionally showing that hand by tanking and then passing.
Pass out of turn and later using a call not normally chosen
My Spiderman senses are telling me that something is amiss. I am close to betting the farm that I would be allowed to bid 1 here. When something doesn't make any sense whatsoever, I have a hard time believing it as factual.
It truly is absurd. Partner did bid 's-'s-'s after all. I would like to see that post mortem when you offer up the explanation of how the opponents cashed the first 5 club tricks when game was cold elsewhere.
I think North would have bid the exact same way with KQJx Jx Qxx Jxxx. At 2nd turn, they would show diamond support along with game forcing values. The alternatives are not attractive. Next, they would probe for the "right" game with a 3 bid hoping to hear 3nt ...
Ok, I agree that jumping with unsuitable hands defeat the whole purpose of cooperative bidding and remove the advantage gained from using a 2/1 game force system. Isn't this the reason why Jacoby 2NT went through a big overhaul?
Michael, I think that 4 in your example hand is to play, albeit a suggestion. Throwing away 2 rounds of bidding can only be explained as having nothing more to show and serve as a "warning" to partner. A hand like KQJxx Qx QJxx Qx comes to mind.
In what other game forcing auction do you cut off all bidding room when you still have something to show?
In this auction that proceeded 1-1-2-3(GF) .. 4 would be Kickback for the simple fact that 3 would be natural and forcing. Even though hearts had been previously bid naturally, the unusual jump should be unambiguous. Of course, I have gone through these scenarios ...

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