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Martin Henneberger
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March 21, 2013
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Bridge player, golfer, traveler. Member of multiple fantasy sports leagues. 


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Csaba Czimer's lead problem: 6532 652 9743 65
It's possible that declarer only has 11 tricks when partner holds the AK or the AK. The bidding combined with our holding makes it less likely that the declaring side has 4 spade tricks or 4 diamond tricks. There might be 12 or 13 tricks available when partner holds ...
Best way to bid this hand?
Raising to 3 on this hand is mandatory for me red at IMPs: 1) Partner should know it's just a courtesy raise after a simple 2 call followed by a single raise. 2) Partner's hand has a range that could include a 6 card spade suit ...
Best way to bid this hand?
That's a crystal ball that I don't own. If partner bids 4 when the route I've taken indicates a simple courtesy raise, I'd expect them to make it a lot of the time. That they'd be going down and the opponents could double would be ...
What are opponents entitled to
Peter, thanks for the link. It's right there in black and white and leaves nothing open to interpretation. The hand examples are particularly helpful. Law 20F – Explanation of Calls "This law provides generally that, upon enquiry, players have a duty to explain their partnership agreements in relation to calls ...
What are opponents entitled to
@ Kevin "Again, why should the opponents have any right to know the wheels have come off? They do not have a right to know we are having a misunderstanding." The short answer is this. Should the bidding not make sense, they are entitled to know things that come their way ...
What are opponents entitled to
"You're telling me I'm supposed to give my opponents what I know is an incorrect explanation of our agreements." I'm saying that "transfer" IS the correct explanation of your agreements because you're not allowed to know partner thinks it's 10-12.
What are opponents entitled to
"But you should be aware that you are disagreeing with the Laws of the game. Whereas those deserve to be disagreed with in almost every case, this is not such a case;" Sounds like a wager :-)
What are opponents entitled to
"Emphatically not. Assuming that 2NT "really does" ask for the minor, you must explain it as "asks for the minor". You must then bid as if 2NT meant whatever it would mean over a natural 2♠." We disagree. In part B the 2NT bidder is explaining the 3 call.
What are opponents entitled to
Since when am I to answer a question about the meaning of a bid I've made in a live auction?
What are opponents entitled to
Here are some similarly themed examples: (1NT)-2*-(P)-2NT...*2 alerted and explained as spades and a minor. However, you forgot and only have spades. When the opponents inquire about 2NT it would be incorrect to explain 2NT as asking for the minor. Once again we are ...

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