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Martin Henneberger
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March 21, 2013
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Bridge player, golfer, traveler. Member of multiple fantasy sports leagues. 


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What does this bid mean?
I think we need to be able to cuebid 5 as an expression of interest in going past 4 without it having to have some other meaning. Exclusion usually applies when there is some level of jump in the bidding and not a simple forward going cue. I ...
Some help needed.
Good point, Dale. I think it would be wise to suggest they are on. Having double mean one thing only for intermediate/novice players will do them a favor. Introducing a different meaning for double over diamonds but not majors will open a door that shouldn't be opened. Teaching ...
How would you have acted?
Niels, I may have spoken too hastily in that I had the screen-mate positions confused when I originally commented. Your inquiry doesn't seem out of place now as the alert may have been a surprise which created a desire to know more as Michael states above. I may actually ...
Some help needed.
Support doubles for intermediate/novice players should be played up to the level of a 2 bid by the opponents. Support doubles in their simplest form were designed to find the degree of trump suit fit at a low enough level to avoid over competing. Doubling to show 3 ...
How would you have acted?
Why would you think 3 was alerted when it just showed diamonds and you, as written by South, suspect a penalty double was described on the other side of the screen? Edit: Sorry Michael, I got the screen-mate positions wrong with regards to where the alert/no alert would ...
How would you have acted?
I think you did the right thing by telling West about the nature of the double under the circumstances. Ethically you passed the test. Bridge wise not so much. I don't understand doubling with that collection having already shown a 12-14 point NT and a partner who is still ...
How would you have acted?
I am completely baffled as to why South felt the need to ask about the 3 bid. The answer to that question should have been apparent knowing the double of 2 was for penalty. Without the inquiry, West would have been on their own for failing to inquire ...
And 3NT is?
If by "I'm making it what else?" we mean natural to play and I think I have a shot at this, then sign me up for that.
Who should 'scape whipping?
I had to abstain. It's the first time I've agreed with every single action at the table. If I could vote for good bridge(unlucky), I would.
Redouble after a Major Suit Raise
When we decide the best treatment for use of a bid it always comes down to frequency and gain vs loss. There will be plenty of auctions where the decision to bid 3 over 3 will be a part score imp swing or the right/wrong choice playing matchpoints. Getting ...

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