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Martin Henneberger
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March 21, 2013
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Bridge player, golfer, traveler. Member of multiple fantasy sports leagues. 


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Jeff Ford's bidding problem: K654 Q94 KT873 5
Jeff, I think it is important to try for a plus score or the smallest minus on auctions like these. We may have put ourselves in a position to win the board already by reopening. I think that hedging our bet instead of going for the parlay will be a ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: K654 Q94 KT873 5
Well, I don't make direct takeout doubles with 7-9 counts. I do balance with them. In fact, if the hand shown was in balancing chair, I would never xl for takeout directly but would feel quite good about it in the pass out seat. Saying that we need to ...
ATB Time
@ Louis An attempt to get to the right game takes priority to any slam move. If West bid 5 over 4 here, I would hope most would think they had a long strong club suit with a hand too powerful to overcall originally. That would be consistent with ...
ATB Time
West did not necessarily bypass a natural forcing bid in spades earlier. They could have been contracting for 9 tricks with a running suit + positional stoppers. That certainly appears to be what happened here. Secondly, how can it possibly be Kickback when there was already an offer to end the ...
ATB Time
You don't need any rules for this auction. Bridge logic dictates that Kickback doesn't exist here. When an earlier non-forcing 3nt has been bid as an offer to play, the Kickback genie can't now magically appear.
ATB Time
Even when holding a strong side suit major it is sometimes advantageous to try and play 3nt. This auction said just that. There really is no other interpretation for the meaning of 4. I wish West had room to bid 2 followed by 3nt after doubling, but that ...
ATB Time
How was 3nt unrealistic? Partner took a free call showing values when they volunteered 2. 3nt looks like a reasonable attempt at bidding and making game.
ATB Time
That's simply not true. One is allowed to try and contract for a reasonable game that requires the least amount of tricks. Once that plan doesn't materialize it isn't too late to offer an alternate strain.
ATB Time
ATB Time
Ben, I think 3nt can be bid with strong hands that contain spades or clubs here. A doubleton heart is not a requirement. Since we can't bid 3 and 3nt simultaneously, a choice has to be made. 4 shouldn't have been mistaken for anything but natural ...

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