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March 21, 2013
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Bridge player, golfer, traveler. Member of multiple fantasy sports leagues. 


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Opinion on a director's ruling.
Sometimes asking the "right" questions will get you the "right" answers. Had the director asked West why they chose to bid 2 or East only 3, they may have heard an explanation like "I thought it was Michaels" or "Partner didn't alert so I thought they forgot ...
Is the defense a problem?
Not to mention 6 spades, 1 diamond, and 2 hearts makes 9 if the defense doesn't decipher the layout needed to beat it from there.
Is the defense a problem?
I think ducking is the better play. Playing for the opening leader to have led from Qx seems rather far-fetched.
Is the defense a problem?
How would it be strange? If declarer is looking at the JT92 they would highly suspect a singleton Q. Covering with the K in that instance would certainly have the defense go right by returning one. Only by ducking can they put doubt in a defender's mind. I think ...
Is the defense a problem?
I highly doubt partner could have a "range ask" type hand any longer. If they had an invitational hand they certainly wouldn't be letting a potential vulnerable game disappear in favor of defending 3 undoubled. This auction along with the shift at trick 2 screams out as a ...
Is the defense a problem?
I would try and construct the distribution around the table in an attempt to come to 5 tricks for the defense. We have clues from the bidding and from the shift at trick 2. I would venture that partner is 2-1-4-6, making declarer's hand 6-4-2-1. At this stage, I ...
Christopher Diamond's bidding problem: KT85 AKQJ976 J J
The point of the first hand should be evident. Getting to a 6 contract will happen often over a splinter with the first two hand examples. Getting to slam over 4 will never happen. Just because the hands "might" play equally well in either denomination doesn't mean ...
Mike Gill's lead problem: QJTxx KQxx Qxx x
It has been my experience that when the opps open a gambling 3nt we need to lead a high honor to see the dummy or beat the contract. Even though this doesn't have to be a gambling 3nt contract, it quite often is. For that reason, I think leading ...
What does partner have?
Maybe and maybe not. A 5-7-0-1 hand could still have a lot of losers when partner doesn't fit our hand whatsoever. Would you want to insist on game risking several doubled undertricks holding KQxxx AQxxxxx Void x when partner is 1-1-7-4 or the like?
Range for Responder’s Splinter
Well said, Jeff. Jacoby 2NT leaves room to find out things we need to know. A splinter should relinquish captaincy. Having an extra round or two of bidding room for the exchange of information will be the desired route more often than not. There are many hands that contain shortness ...

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