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Martin Henneberger
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March 21, 2013
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Bridge player, golfer, traveler. Member of multiple fantasy sports leagues. 


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Ruling: Unsolicited play by dummy on the twelfth trick
Except there really is no "guess" here.
My personal evaluation tool of wanting to vomit when looking at that collection is enough to convince me it's pretty close. I'd venture to guess that its evaluation is closer to being useful and true than the 18 we're looking at. KQJ is worth far less than ...
Hand 4 looks closer to a 12 count than an 18 count. In fact, K&R evaluates it at 15.05. That's not even in the ballpark for a 2nt rebid.
What's this double?
@ Josh "The NT bidder should just about never reopen with a double. If he has a doubleton heart but bid notrump anyway then he has already strongly suggested his hand is much better oriented for notrump than suit play. He showed his exact strength." This doesn't have to be ...
What's this double?
What's this double?
You could use 2NT for takeout, but that doesn't allow partner to covert a takeout double. It also takes you beyond the spade suit when partner is 4-4-2-3 etc. Blind guessing the wrong part score adds up when we were making 2/3/3 but are ...
What's this double?
Those arguments are misguided imo. The NT "opener" becomes an 18-19 point one now. Failure to make a negative double doesn't mean we don't want to compete knowing that tidbit. The penalty isn't lost. The NT "opener" should absolutely reopen with the "right" doubletons in this context ...
What's this double?
The same thing you'd have to do when partner reopens 1 with a double and then xl's 2 to show significant extras. You are in the same place.
What's this double?
For me, this auction is not that dissimilar to one that would have started 1NT-(2)-X. I can't justify switching a takeout agreement just because there was a little more noise and the NT range is now a little higher. The principle remains the same. The only ...
Correct ruling on a claim?
Claims this poor, fall outside any semblance of normalcy for me. It would take so little to demonstrate that your "head is in the game". A claim like "Running the clubs". "If they behave I have 11, if not, 9" would be sufficient. Instead, we have a poorly worded and ...

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