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Martin Hirschman
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July 9, 2016
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Oct. 10
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Bridge World at one point in the last 50 years wrote about 2345 being the record, presumably a tie, for lowest trick or lowest first trick with all players following suit. It was never described as a Wish Trick.
What is the largest penalty you have ever seen?
There was a locally famous -5200 in 6NTxx in the GNT in Southfield MI about 25 years ago. A certain "peanut" now residing in Arizona might be able to provide more details.
First unpleasant experience of changed 2017 Laws
What if West, while thinking things over, states to no one in particular or to a kibitzer, "I can't believe my partner only has two key cards and no queen of trump, given how strongly he bid," and that prompts East to reexamine his hand and ask to change ...
ACBL Nationals Start times
The numbers on the two Atlanta NABCs qre particularly interesting because the earlier start times in 2013 were supposed to encourage area suburbanites to attend. I don't know if they did that, but the total attendance was down significantly. Can anyone provide a list of the last 20-40 NABCs ...
ACBL Nationals Start times
How about a "quick" 48- or 52 board playthru (with one or two short breaks) starting at 11 a.m. and finishing by 6 p.m. That would allow for ample sleep in a.m. plus leisurely dinner and evening activities.
Frank Lin's bidding problem: x Jxxxx AQJTxx x
Important to show both suits when you have a two-suiter.
Sam Marks's bidding problem: Q982 5 KJ654 A64
You read the comments before answering? Really?
Sam Marks's bidding problem: Q982 5 KJ654 A64
This is from Common Game a couple of days ago. Opponent held this hand and passed 2C, missing game.
Jess Cohen's bidding problem: QJT7642 Q7 QT42 ---
Partner will have 8 good hearts and not much else. My hand will be worth a trick or two in hearts, more if partner has side length in diamonds. Most likely they have a LOT of clubs, the side AKs and short hearts. They will make 5C and we are ...
Feedback for Convention Chart
Under the proposed Chart, both types of signals would be deemed to be encrypted because they involve "information unavailable to declarer." Both would therefore be disallowed. In my opinion, only the type of encryption based on a secret code or trigger should be banned.

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