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Martin Lindfors
Martin Lindfors
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Sept. 24, 2017
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about me

I started bridge in 2017, and I'm still playing exclusively at my local club in Sweden.

Outside of bridge, I'm a graduate student doing machine learning research. 


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Ben Kristensen's bidding problem: Q93 QJT7 98 QJ95
Agreed. Partner has to pass. Unless he has a re-redouble card in his box.
What next
I'll give you a bidding problem with North's cards in an alternative reality, where the initial three bids are the same. 1 - (1) - X - (2) - P - (5) - ? How do you plan to show your strength and heart support now? Double-dummy the right line appears ...
Ben Kristensen's bidding problem: Q93 QJT7 98 QJ95
If we took the plunge by passing 1NT, we shouldn't allow ourselves to be pushed around by the redouble.
Meaning of 2NT rebid and high reverse opposite a 2-level negative double?
I don't see why you feel the need to insult a pair who have a different agreement than you. My partner is quite prepared to do the right thing if I double, and I know what his action implies. Both agreements seem alright to me. Either you agree to ...
Anthony Pettengell's bidding problem: --- K53 A63 KQ97653
Maybe I would bid on with an eighth club. But partner has control of the auction, I have what I have shown, so I pass. If partner showed some apprehension (for example by bidding 3 and then 3NT), the situation would be different.
Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: ATxxx Qxxx Qx Qx
At this vulnerability (but no other) I wouuld initially bid 4. But never mind that. South pulled the penalty (?) double after making a penalty-oriented double of 2NT; not only that, he pulls it into a suit that I have length in. Why would I ever bid?
Meaning of 2NT rebid and high reverse opposite a 2-level negative double?
After doubling, I know responder has a reasonable suit we can play, but he might have many types of hands. He might be weak in three cases: heart tolerance, long spades, or a club suit. The only bid that caters to all these possibilities and doesn't raise the contract ...
Discuss this convention
Good stuff, I do the same. I was apprehensive at first, but I was convinced by the following. We open balanced hands that happen to fall into our NT range (say 15-17) as 1NT even if they happen to have a five card major, so why shouldn't we open ...
Discuss this convention
Agreed. Seems like a feasible structure is: 3 = any minimum, 3 = max with 4 card minor (relay asks), 3 of the major = max 5332, 3 of the other major = max with 4 cards in the other major.
Meaning of 2NT rebid and high reverse opposite a 2-level negative double?
A true minimum hand without spades rebids 2. 2NT needs a little bit of extras, e.g. good stoppers, and 3 needs a little bit of extra shape or values.

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