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Martin Wuest
Martin Wuest
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Aug. 7, 2010
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10 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Bridge Accomplishments
National champion (2009), German Cup; 2nd place German Bundesliga (2016), 3rd Place German Bundesliga (2015), 3rd Place German Teams Championship (2016), 3rd Place Men´s Pairs Championship (2012)
Regular Bridge Partners
Vitaliy Khanukov (BBO-username: vkhan11 ), Matthias Felmy (BBO-username: Game over)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Koeln-Lindenthal, Troisdorf
Favorite Tournaments
Chairman´s Cup (Sweden), German Trophy
Favorite Conventions
Gazzilli, Double Pass Inversion, 2-way-checkback
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: AQ6 8 AKJ842 A72
Play Gazzilli or Transfersrebids (when 1 promises an UNBAL hand). Then you have much less guesswork with hands of this type.
I would have rebid 4 with the North hand, 3 surely is an underbid. Nevertheless: South has a monster after 4 in the actual bidding and most do way more than bid 4
Martin Wuest's bidding problem: A63 A96 --- AKJT942
Another question about alerting when there's no agreement
Why going minus? Do you think that 5 will be beaten at the table? West has to lead the dimaond ace and East has to unblock the king.....
Martin Wuest's bidding problem: A63 A96 --- AKJT942
5 asks for trump quality (but would pd bid 6 with KTxxxx and what are good trumps for a NVUL weak two?). 5 should be Exclusion as 2N must promise a certain degree of fit.
Another question about alerting when there's no agreement
In my opinion passing 5 X with the north hand facing 17-19 with 5 is absurd. 5 wont go down more than once and might easily make. I cant imagine getting more than 3 tricks against 5 X and this contract might make easily, too.
UI Ruling Question
Who plays 1N = strong NT after 1 precision 1 opener?? It sounds like a rather absurd treatment. West of course should have passed 2. Double let his opponents off the hook.
Niko Roemer's bidding problem: AK6 KJT85 AQ3 KQ
Partner bid 3 although he seems to hold 4. If he has 6 game should have good chances as i sit behind the opening bidder. Hopefully i will only lose a club and a heart (the spade loser will be discarded on my established hearts).
Are you a contributor?
I would not have led a heart. But to me it seems normal to take the first spade and lead the club 9. Ducking cant afford much and i fear a diamond lead from dummy attacking my entry
ATB - Languished in 4 diamonds when slam was almost cold
i hate the 4 bid (INV, which doesnt seem like a reasonable treatment) facing 64 in with 11-15. North has a monster and must force to game. 4 looks rather obvious and after that bid slam will be reached easily. By the way i wouldnt have ...

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