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Martin Wuest
Martin Wuest
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Aug. 7, 2010
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54 minutes ago
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Bridge Player

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Bridge Accomplishments
National Champion (2018), (Premier League (Bundesliga)), National champion (2009), German Cup; 2nd place German Bundesliga (2016), 3rd Place German Bundesliga (2015), 3rd Place German Teams Championship (2016), 3rd Place Men´s Pairs Championship (2012)
Regular Bridge Partners
Vitaliy Khanukov (BBO-username: vkhan11 ), Matthias Felmy (BBO-username: Game over)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Koeln-Lindenthal, Troisdorf
Favorite Tournaments
Chairman´s Cup (Sweden), German Trophy
Favorite Conventions
Gazzilli, Double Pass Inversion, 2-way-checkback
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Bidding Deep Finesse
No, you dont. If east has for example a singleton diamond and Jxx in clubs, you will be down in 7 after a diamond, heart or club lead. Play it :-)
Bidding Deep Finesse
After a diamond lead your transportation is threatened when trumps are 3-1. Being in 6 is good enough, I think, bidding the grand is an overkill.
ATB, if any, for this missed slam
Right. But I´m not as pessimistic as you are. Of course pd can have 9 HCP once in a blue moon, but I think that taking 12 tricks is more probable than taking 10. Even Axxx, xxxx, x, KJxx might be enough for 11 tricks (yes, I would prefer ...
ATB, if any, for this missed slam
A balancing double has a wide range. I think it is a losing proposition to bid only 4. 4 is more flexible than 5 immediately, I might get useful information.
ATB, if any, for this missed slam
Ok, but if the west hand does not deliver 11 tricks facing your X, it must be VERY weak :)
Bidding Deep Finesse
South has an obvious opening bid. Once again, you have a clear advantage when 1 promises 4+ and an UNBAL hand. 1 (1) 2 (4) 5 p (6 ?!) ... 6 is aggressive but opener seems to have a spade void and can ...
ATB, if any, for this missed slam
Well, if pd understands our sequence (4 then 4) as clubs and spades, i will bid 5 after 5. Then the message should be obvious and my hand surely is strong enough for the 5 level facing a normal double. Of course one might construct hands ...
ATB, if any, for this missed slam
Passing 3 in second seat isn't very aggressive but probably the right bid. But after East´s Double the West hand becomes a monster. A normal double AQxx, Axxx,x, Kxxx delivers a cold slam, so 4 seems to be a very lazy bid. I would bid ...
ATB: missed slam
+1. North has an invitational hand with hearts. And he bids 1N first and then 3?!?! If 1N is the correct bid first round according to system, there must be agreements on how to proceed after a reverse bid. For me, 2N (Ingberman) would show a weak hand, which ...
Interesting Play Problem from Victor Champion Cup
Really nice hand. Enjoyed :)

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