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Bridge clubs and the virus
Or (gasp!) we can just bid verbally.
Is ACBL future threatened?
I think the ACBL could survive this, in the same way most businesses survive economic downturns - they hunker down and cut expenses. Staff gets reduced, services get reduced. You come out the other side smaller, and hopefully more efficient. Likely with less members (some of whom died from the epidemic ...
Can you escape, or even lessen your chances of contracting the Corona Virus by skipping the Nationals?
So far there are less than 100 cases in the U.S from what I have heard. Not going to be that many more three weeks from now. Might be more of an issue for Montreal, bu my bet is that it will be a non-event in North America.If ...
How light are preempts these days? CLUB GAME PABC MATCHPOINT SCORING
Well my Ogust agreement (and I believe this is common) is that 2 of top 3 honors constitutes a "Good Suit". This one certainly meets that definition. I would respond to Ogust good suit-bad hand and I believe that to be a correct assessment.
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
@Adam "Every TD I've talked to hates giving slow play penalties" is the crux of the problem. Yes it is subjective. So are many UI situations, and I doubt the TDs love dealing with those either, but somehow they view the UI problems as their job and the late ...
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
Robb, I respectfully disagree. Making complicated rules and procedures and then failing to enforce them will never solve this or any other problem, but penalizing the offenders will. Directors are not being told that they must hand out penalties, and they, like everyone, want to be liked so they ignore ...
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
The solution is simple - enforce the rules. If a pair is playing slow for multiple rounds, they get a penalty. If they continue to play slow, they get another, larger penalty. The problem will soon disappear. I don't understand why directors could possibly have a problem with this. If ...
On computer versus hand shuffling
I know finesses are 50-50 because mine always fail and y opponents' always succeed :)
Illegal 1NT
The ruling seems ridiculous because it does not address (potential) damage to the opponents who had to deal with the 1NT bid. If, in fact, there was no damage then I guess it is fine. That said, IMO the rule itself is flawed beyond belief. I can't see how ...
3S over 3H
Why is this not a poll? But I would say this is just a case of where doing the right thing doesn't work out. You and partner have perfectly fitting hands that make up for your lack of Aces and distribution. And trumps are breaking for you. You could ...

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