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Yusuf Sohtorik's bidding problem: 98754 J87 --- 97654
If all pass why would there be any reason for the director to rule on anything? Question is how your partner and teammates would feel about it.
How should the director rule
I think once 4 is doubled west can legitimately run to 5. So the adjustment should be whichever is worse between 4 undoubled -9 (-450) or the table result which looks to be -5 or -1100. But director can (and should, IMO) also tack on a PP.
How should the director rule
If we assume 3 was natural, it would also be forcing without an (alertable!) agreement to the contrary. Thus 4 would still be west's normal bid. But 5 is clearly taking of advantage of partner's alerts to know there is a misunderstanding. West should have ...
A better rating system
The Common Game matchpoints the entire field together, typically 1000 - 1500 pairs, and provides results on each and very board, together with the hand record. I don't think you could have a better data set than this for developing a rating system. The only problem with it is you ...
A better rating system
@Richard: I would like to see a rating system that can be used for stratifying / bracketing games that will group people of similar ability into appropriate strats / brackets. Nice to have (that should come for free) is to also have it be a reasonable measure of personal improvement. This may ...
A better rating system
To those debating how to make a model accurate enough to use for prediction I have a question: Why do you want this? Seems only to be of interest to people who may be betting on a game.
A better rating system
I care. I would like to have a rating system, and am neither a pro nor an aspiring expert. However, I see no reason that having one should require more than a man-month of effort by a reasonably competent data scientist, and I don't think any new data would ...
A better rating system
I would assert that there are only two things that any rating system could possibly achieve in a useful way: 1. Improve seeding / bracketing / stratifying (These are all really variants of the same thing) such that the ability of the players placed at a certain level would be more uniform ...
RIP Harold Feldheim
Very sad to hear this news. My wife Valerie and I always enjoyed playing against Harold and groaning about his terrible jokes. We will miss him.
A pet peeve
Ray, I disagree with your theory. Teaching that involves conventions beyond stayman and blackwood is typically aimed at duplicate players, not social players. I hardly think it is much of a burden for the teacher to say " By the way, don't forget that you need to alert this." Of ...

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