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Marty Deneroff
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Jan. 15, 2013
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Alerting in USA?
How could it possibly be MI? I can see it being UI, but the alert does not convey anything that is incorrect?
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AKQT875 --- AKJ985 ---
My plan: open 1. Opps will now start bidding like crazy. At my next turn I am bidding 6 unless pard showed me a limit+ raise in spades or bid diamonds, in which case I am bidding 7. Hopefully pard will put me back in spades if ...
1!D - 2!C (GF) - 3!D?
I think there are two very common agreements: Both promise solid / semi-solid 6+ card suit. either 12-14 HCP or 15-17 HCP. I think most would say the second is the default if not discussed, but the trend is moving toward the weaker hand being the preferred approach.
ACBL Nationals Start times
I see, and I am not surprised. I did not claim nobody makes decision based on start times, just that I don't know anyone who did. Anyway, Jay likes the present times and decided not to go because of earlier times.
ACBL Nationals Start times
I, for one, am pretty happy with the current start times, but I don't feel that strongly about it and could live with a change. But I agree with the others that the presentation of this poll and conclusions from it are biased and do not show anything "clearly ...
Number of qualifiers in the Transnational teams event
I don't understand people abstaining in a poll that offers 'I Have no opinion' as an option
Toronto NABC Follow-up
Two things are apparent to me (YMMV): - It seems like a really bad thing to reduce the number of qualifiers in an event to allow for the drop-ins. Rather, you should assume the drop-ins from the start, and qualify ~50% of the day one entries , setting the day2 / day3 sizes ...
USA Wins World Youth Teams
Toronto NABC Follow-up
I think it is great that Bahar is engaging in active and open communication. I exchanged several emails with him on other issues, and was very impressed with his thoughtfulness and willingness to engage. I would like to second the comment by Mr. Saxe that it is inappropriate to post ...
Raises to five of the agreed major suit?
@Barry - if you are looking for slam, you go slow, bidding controls. Then, if partner signs off in game, you raise to 5 to ask about trumps (makes it case 1). Or, after bidding controls yourself, jumping to 5 level when you could have signed off at four level is ...

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