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3S over 3H
Why is this not a poll? But I would say this is just a case of where doing the right thing doesn't work out. You and partner have perfectly fitting hands that make up for your lack of Aces and distribution. And trumps are breaking for you. You could ...
Should ACBL have North American Bridge Championship events and titles for all levels of players at NABCs?
To those who scoff at this idea (You know who you are!): 1. Shame on you. Kevin is making a constructive suggestion to try to make things better. You who sit and make fun of it are not helping anyone. 2. It is certainly the case that a large number ...
Should ACBL have North American Bridge Championship events and titles for all levels of players at NABCs?
I think this concept is excellent, although I would say you sliced things too finely in terms of MP levels, at least at first. You need to have a substantial number of entrants in each event - at least 26 pairs in pair events, and at least 16 teams in team ...
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
Any your point is ...??? Just because most don't ask for them (and three did) doesn't mean it isn't necessary to provide them. It is, after all, a rule. How many actually take advantage of the fact that the cards are available is irrelevant.
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
As far as I am concerned, this is a serious problem, as many above have pointed out. Failure to follow the convention card rule should be seriously penalized. In my view, more severely than the penalty for using a cell phone. Your idea may help, but enforcement will help far ...
New Suit Jump In Response to Weak Two
What is .5 KC? What if you have nly .5 KC - do you bid 4 or 4?
Rotaru and Nistor Win LM Pairs
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: Qxxx AKxx KT5 A8
3 is a super-accept, showing (assuming you have this agreement) 4 hearts and a near-maximum. With a control-heavy 16 count, this hand surely qualifies. As others have said, you should now show your cheapest control 4 over 3, unless you have some agreement that makes 3NT preferable ...
An Open Letter to ACBL Unit and District Officers
Peter, Thanks for writing this letter. I think it raises important issues and points to some serious problems: 1. There should be NO CIRCUMSTANCE where a member of the BoD, particularly someone as notable as Mr. Whipple, should take it upon themselves to criticise or discourage ACBL members from writing ...
BOD Reduction Vote
The BoD should hve the power of over ruling committees only by rejecting a proposal and telling the committee to come back with a better proposal.

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