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Jacoby 2NT?
Still Jacoby and GF - specifically shows a hand that has upvalued to GF strength due to strong fit and useful shortness i.e. p-p-1-p-2NT you hold 4 spades, a singleton or void in another suit, and 10+ prime points (say Ax(xx) in one suit and AQx(x) in ...
Is that alertable?
Ed, for the agreements you stated, unless your definition of "unbalanced hand" includes anything with a doubleton, I think you understate the information conveyed in the given auctions: 1-1-1-1 - opener should have 5+ or is 4-4-4-1 with a singleton in a pointy suit; responder has ...
Would you have opened and if so, what now?
I generally have a firm agreement that if I reopen I didn't open light, so I pass, wishing I could double. I think that hurts us on this deal, but wins big in the long run because partner can trust me not to hang her.
Delayed Alert
Is that alertable?
The auction discussed in the Alert procedure (1-p-1) is not the one asked about. However, ACBL directors have explicitly told me that there is no Alert, just the usual "FORCING" announcement for 1-p-1NT. Personally, I think both calls conceal important information from the opponents and should have ...
When can 1m-1M-2M be based on 3 card support?
What do you gain by raising with this hand? If pard has 5 and an invitational or better hand he will use NMF to ask you for 3-card support. Otherwise, 1NT is likely to be your best spot, especially in matchpoints. It will suck to play 2 in ...
Rebid Problem?
If you have that annoying partner who responds 1 to 1, (instead of 1) now you have a harder problem. Are you brave enough to try 2NT after that? You are likely to see opponents run 5 or 6 spade tricks off the top! If that doesn ...
Does position change whether to open 1Maj or 1NT?
I like opening spades opposite an unpassed partner. Too much chance of not getting to the best game. Opposite a passing partner, I am more interested in getting to a making partial. If partner has some crappy 3 card raise, he will make it after I open 1, and ...
ACBL Bulletin Description of Standard After Opener's Jump Shift
I would definitely say 4, but I am not so confident we won't end in spades. Partner may have bid 3 with a 3 card suit because he had no other way to game force. 4 gives pard lots of options from here to describe his ...
Sexism In Bridge
My wife likes to be the one to check the score. Because of that, she sits west when we are playing east-west. More than half the time (and that is being generous) the bridgemate is handed to me, even when North is right handed and it is awkward to do ...

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