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Does position change whether to open 1Maj or 1NT?
I like opening spades opposite an unpassed partner. Too much chance of not getting to the best game. Opposite a passing partner, I am more interested in getting to a making partial. If partner has some crappy 3 card raise, he will make it after I open 1, and ...
ACBL Bulletin Description of Standard After Opener's Jump Shift
I would definitely say 4, but I am not so confident we won't end in spades. Partner may have bid 3 with a 3 card suit because he had no other way to game force. 4 gives pard lots of options from here to describe his ...
Sexism In Bridge
My wife likes to be the one to check the score. Because of that, she sits west when we are playing east-west. More than half the time (and that is being generous) the bridgemate is handed to me, even when North is right handed and it is awkward to do ...
3NT response to partners 1 of a minor opening
We play as a good 12 to 14, semi-balanced, no 4 card major, 3 suits at least semi-stopped. Five cards in the other minor is fine. We do this over both 1 and 1 . The reasoning is: - Shouldn't overlap with 1 NT opener (we play 14+ to ...
6!H in 5-2 Fit?
Yes you are right. If hearts are 4-2 and the finesse loses I don't see a play.
6!H in 5-2 Fit?
Play low heart to Ace and Jack. Ruff a diamond. Draw two more rounds of trump if they are 4-2, one if 3-3. (You are down if split is worse than 4-2.) Now lead J and let it ride. If it loses you have set up the ten and ...
A simple question - or is it?
I would always rebid 1NT with 3523 shape, reseving the raise on 3 for hands where I have a singleton in one of the minors and four in the other. I can't imagine (nor have I seen) any competent player choose not to mention a four card spade suit ...
Sorting Through a 12C1(c) Problem.. or is it?
According to your own narration, it seems north waited some fairly reasonable amount of time after the stop card. It is NOT reasonable to debate if it was 15 sec. or 30, and there isn't even a rule that says what the "correct" wait is. So why do you ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AKJ94 A 92 AKQ95
I think 4 is WAY overbid. Partner rates to have about 8 +/- HCP on the auction. With that or anything less, he should bid 3. 4 indicates extras, and partner has no reason to assume that a void in clubs represents a lot of value, as your ...
Announcement Thoughts
The ACBL says no. If I were in charge (I can understand if you don't think that would be a good idea) you would alert that. Or, at minimum, you would pre-alert that you play precision and all openings except 1 are limited.

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