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You Be the Judge. Common Game 2/12/19 board 23
IMO, worst bid is a tie between 2D and the final Pass. As a result, I assign 50% blame to each partner. 3S seems like a much better description of this hand than 2D. On the other hand, once partner has bid 2D and then pulled 3NT to 4S, I ...
another "Where did East/West go wrong?" hand
It's hard to answer "whose fault" without knowing your agreements. First, we don't know how light your partnership opens 1M in 3rd seat. If Opener is expected to have a full opening bid (12+ pts), then East should simply bid game (or splinter raise forcing to game). Likewise ...
Ruff and Sluff
Kit, you wrote: "Let's suppose the auction had gone: 1♥-P-1NT-P;? Would you pass, or would you bid 2♦?" That's a totally different auction, it has NOTHING to do with this one. When partner doubles 1NT, you know he has 10+ HCP. That completely changes the odds compared ...
Value of Support Doubles?
There's no poll option for my answer. Support X and XX are far superior to penalty X, IMO. So, if you don't need X and XX for anything else, I'd use it as support X. However, if you need to handle other problem hand types, it can ...
To bid or not to bid?
This is a great illustration of why the current rule is awful. Some very ethical players would bid 3H, but a director might roll it back. Other very ethical players would refuse to bid 3H, even though they think it's right, thereby punishing themselves in a situation where the ...
Dutch Spiral
Very well thought out structure, Jan! If I raised on 3 card support, I'd use it. :) Seriously, I think I'll adopt it for the rare competitive auctions where a 3 card raise is possible in my system.
Leveling the playing field for newer players?
Mike, I strongly disagree. Against a Precision 1C, it's imperative that you get into the auction with many 2-suited hands (5-4 either way) that would never dream of overcalling against a standard opening bid. With 5-4 shape and 3 or 4 HCP, I routinely overcall against a Precision 1C ...
Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
Cherilyn, one other point. You claimed that 4-4 fits are better than 5-3 fits. That's NOT true. All else equal, a 5-3 fit is usually better! The preference for 4-4 fits that you're referring to applies only when your side has BOTH a 4-4 fit in one suit ...
Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
Cherilyn, I echo what Adam said. I play a complex system that includes many relays and have for many years. It works for two important reasons. First, EVERY opening bid has limited possible shapes, and any time Opener has a primary suit (5+ cards), it's already known. That makes ...
What are opponents entitled to
David, that's different. It's illegal to have a different system for each partner: e.g., I open weak NT, you open strong NT. However, it's perfectly legal to play variable NT ranges with different methods over each.
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