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Light hearted
Illegal bidding (assuming the 1NT opener is systemically allowed to open 1NT with 4441 without the stiff being A,K, or Q). If it's not systemic you're now on notice, so if it happens again you'll have a "partnership understanding" that it might occur. In either case ...
A surfeit of chances
The problem with this line is East can beat it by holding up one time with K,x,x of hearts. Once you return to hand to repeat the heart finesse, you can no longer establish the clubs (no entry to get back to dummy since KH is still out ...
A surfeit of chances
That "fancy" line is poor compared to the "1 out of 2" lines. Your line is down any time the Club ace is offside (so it only makes 50% of the time instead of 75%).
Another question about alerting when there's no agreement
In the U.S., the 2C cue bid would not be alertable. It seems the N-S pair never asked what the cue bid showed, so under ACBL rules, E-W did nothing wrong. However, if the rules of this tournament required an alert of 2C when it shows the reds, then ...
Gutless, conservative, or reasonable?
Tom, there are only 7 losers, you miscounted: 2 spades + 2 hearts + 3 diamonds + 0 clubs = 7. And that's only if you use an unsophisticated method that counts Aces equal to Queens and treats the AJTxx of hearts as 2 losers. After making those adjustments my count would be ...
Who did what to whom?
Actually, this is why you should play UMJOODO to cover this awkward hand type. Meckwell popularized it. It allows you to show weak with 5-4 or 5-5 in Majors, all in one bid. The auction would start: 1D - 2H (< inv)(5+ S)(4+ H). Now either opener jumps to 4H ...
This seems difficult even looking at all hands - apportion the blame
Kit, at MPs I agree with you, it's impossible to get this right (other than by making guesses that are pure luck). At that form of scoring, you can't afford to go all out to beat it by assuming partner has the perfect cards, not when adopting that ...
Understanding the Logic and Merit of Strong Pass!
Peter, I thought you were talking about transfer responses to a 1C opening, and relays after a 1-level suit opening bid. If you're talking about what's allowed after an 8-12 1NT opening, you're correct. If you play a 10-12 1NT you can play pretty much any responding ...
Understanding the Logic and Merit of Strong Pass!
Transfer responses are legal on the Mid Chart and legal in WBF events. They're only banned on Gen Chart. As for "relay systems," as long as they're GF they're legal on Mid Chart and in WBF events too. Thus, in the higher level events people are complaining ...
According to Borel!
To sum up, BEFORE you lead the second round, the odds are 56-44 in favor of a 3-1 break. However, AFTER you lead the second round AND LHO follows (which will happen 72% of the time), the odds change to 52-48 in favor of a 2-2 break. Why? Because now ...
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