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Now I Can Die in Peace*
Leif, I don't think that conclusion is warranted. EW's remaining hearts are A8 opposite Kx, while declarer still has Q9xxx. Without ruffing, the defense gets 2 more trump tricks. If East ruffs, they still get the same 2 trump tricks (1 high ruff + the Ace) -- but now declarer ...
Now I Can Die in Peace*
On the other hand, if you assume West must have the club king for the bidding, then both lines are 50%. Even so, discarding a club still gains in a few cases where our assumptions aren't correct, such as: (1) West has a spade void; or (2) West doesn ...
Now I Can Die in Peace*
FWIW, although I'd never pass 1S the first time around, I strongly agree with your later decision to run from 1SX. Your hand rates to take 2 or 3 more tricks in 2H than in 1S, while partner rates to take the same number in either contract (assuming East ...
Forcing or not?
I don't feel strongly about this one, but I thought it was fairly standard in this auction to play that 2D is forcing (and artificial), while 2H is not forcing.
Apportion the Blame
Assuming 4D was a control bid that agreed hearts, 4NT was fine. South has all suits controlled, and he underbid slightly with 3H, so when North makes a slam try over 3H, surely South has enough to ask for key cards. Bidding 6H after learning we're off TWO key ...
Apportion the Blame
I'll start by saying that South's 6H bid is indescribably bad. South checked for key cards, found out we're missing TWO, and bid slam anyway. WHY??? Still, North deserves a lot of blame, too, because IMO, 4D is a control bid that agrees hearts as trump. In ...
Which trump do you play?
The Ace, to guarantee I make it. If I finesse and it loses, I'll almost certainly go down. As long as East started with 3 trumps, he'll be able to overruff again in diamonds. I know it's MPs, where overtricks USUALLY matter, but I'm in an ...
Trump high or low at trick 3?
Jon, if we ruff low and finesse, we pick up Qxx onside. On tricks where trumps are led, we play J, K, A.
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
My experience is identical to Nigel's on this issue.
Trevor Morris's bidding problem: x AKJxxxxx Jx Jx
I can't believe I only bid 4H the first time! Q-bidding first, and later bidding 4H, would be a much more accurate description. If I only had one bid after partner's T/O X, it would be 6H. We have a 5 loser hand, partner promised a good ...
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