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Marty Harris
Marty Harris
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Nov. 3, 2010
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about me

Expert player but not a pro.  Attorney for over 30 years; lately also pursuing a second career as a novelist.  Active in bridge administration:  USBF's lawyer, on ACBL's Anti-Cheating Committee, helped re-write ACBL's convention charts.  Prefer to play my own complex bidding system.  

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
On the last hand of the 2006 5k mini-Spingold, in a very close match, partner raised my non-vul invitation to 3NT with a dead minimum. As he tabled dummy, he said, "Prove me right." Later, I asked what new evaluation method led him to "upgrade" this hand. His answer: "When the stakes are highest, you raise your game and always seem to get things right, so I was betting on you." I made a difficult 3NT, and we won the title.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 4 NABC events (e.g., 6k mini-Spingold). Second in NABC+ 2-day Swiss, reached semis in 2017 US Team Trials. Numerous regional wins.
Regular Bridge Partners
Jacob Morgan (for 10 years), my sister Miriam Botzum-Harris.
Favorite Tournaments
US Team Trials + Gatlinburg
Favorite Conventions
BLASTorSOR, RABs, and JMH. I invented them as part of my system; no one else plays them. :)
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Gold Life Master
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I agree with most of what Richard said. In particular, if one pair is doing all the bidding on a hand, while the other pair just keeps passing, often the bidding pair will legitimately need more time during the auction. That needs to be taken into account, particularly if, say ...
LOL at this part of the thread. How many other articles have we seen on BW where multiple people advocate that you should NEVER claim, because there's too much risk of misclaiming. The rules, as currently written, do not require a player to claim. IMO, it's very poor ...
Forcing or not? Best practices in high level decisions
Dan, it's very possible that 5D was a sacrifice against 4H. The 4C bid was surely forcing to 4H. When Responder chose to pass 4D (knowing Opener would be forced to bid again), Advancer showed a big fit by raising to 5D. Maybe he was bidding to make, but ...
Forcing or not? Best practices in high level decisions
Not forcing. My rule here is similar to John's and Frances'. If we wanted to create a forcing pass situation, one of us needed to Q-bid on the way to game (or make a GF bid BELOW game earlier in the auction -- raising to game doesn't count). Here ...
Mike, I said "presumably." Occasionally, you could have 4 low diamonds, but the methods should not cater to that rare case at the expense of playing 3H as a default bid, which is unplayable IMO. When you bid 3H with that hand, you KNOW you're at best in a ...
IMO, the biggest culprit here may have been the methods. Allowing a 3H rebid on a 5 card suit, as some posters have suggested, is unplayable IMO. The "default" rebid needs to be 3S (raise with a doubleton) or 2NT (NF, stopper). If you don't have a doubleton spade ...
Nasty preempt
Timo, I agree with you that at his second turn, if Responder bids 3NT it shows 4 spades with a diamond stopper. I left that bid out because you didn't ask about 3NT; you only asked about 3S, 4C, and 4D. :)
Double of Sandwich 1NT
I'm 100% with Mike, Craig, and Steve on this. If you play Support doubles and haven't discussed this auction, the X is CLEARLY support. Patrick, your logic makes no sense to me. You agree that if RHO doubles, XX is a support XX. This auction is very similar ...
YBTJ--Who is more to blame for this disaster?
"All bids by North were perfect." Not 6D. See my analysis above. Still, I agree that the fault is 99% South's. South's bidding was absolutely insane. North's was fine until he bid 6D, which was a very poor bid. Sorry about the harsh criticism of your partner ...
YBTJ--Who is more to blame for this disaster?
Craig, I agree with most of your analysis, and the fault is 99% South's, but how can North's 6D possibly be right? North has a singleton trump to go with his singleton diamond. At the point where he bid 6D, we're already committed to 6S, so we ...
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