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The Worst Convention Ever
Cappelletti. It's not one of the choices you listed, but it should be.
What do you think?
I agree pairs should be more explicit than just saying "hardly ever" if it really means, "I've never seen him do it." Personally, I often respond very light (to all 1-level openings). When asked about my partnership's response style, I typically say, "We usually respond even with 0 ...
What do you think?
Michael H, IMO you are missing Mike R's point. Some portion of the bridge community expects a "forcing 1NT" response to a 1M opening to start at 0 HCP. That segment might be surprised to learn that your 1NT response guarantees 6 HCP. Why shouldn't you have to ...
Forcing? ATB
This poll asked the wrong question. It doesn't matter whether the 4C bid was forcing, because West's HAND is forcing. West will probably take no tricks in clubs, or maybe he'll contribute one heart ruff. In spades, by contrast, West can take 5 spades tricks even opposite ...
Tie breaking in USBC KO matches
I might like the concept of avoiding playoffs, but NOT based on carryover from head to head play in the RR. If it's based on overall finish in the RR, that I'd be OK with. However, it's completely unfair to a team that wins (or finishes high ...
Who is unethical?
Thinking about ducking is 100% legitimate. On the other hand, if he was always planning to win this trick and was merely thinking about which honor he should win with (i.e., will K or Q be more misleading), IMO he should stop doing that. He should be aware that ...
Plan the bidding and then play.
Any time hearts are 3-3 of the J drops it's cold, so let's assume hearts don't come in (as long as our line ensures a make whenever hearts behave). Likewise, I'll always make if the D QJT are tight (as long as I ruff one D ...
Congratulations to the Fleisher team! Well deserved guys, and good luck in France.
ATB - 15 imps away
I hate South's initial pass. Hands with 16+ HCP need to X right away. ACBL approved defense #2 expressly makes that point. Pass and then X later should be takeout but weaker (something like 13-15). Once South underbid initially by passing, it was hard to catch up. If North ...
Question about methods
As someone who plays transfer advances after overcalling, the main gain, by far, is having two ways to raise without jumping: e.g., when partner overcalls 1H, I can show a constructive 3 card raise (8-10 pts) by bidding 2D (xfr to H), or a weaker 3 card raise (4-7 ...
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