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Marty Harris
Marty Harris
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Nov. 3, 2010
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May 28
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Bridge Player
about me

Expert player but not a pro.  Attorney for over 30 years; lately also pursuing a second career as a novelist.  Active in bridge administration:  USBF's lawyer, on ACBL's Anti-Cheating Committee, helped re-write ACBL's convention charts.  Prefer to play my own complex bidding system.  

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
On the last hand of the 2006 5k mini-Spingold, in a very close match, partner raised my non-vul invitation to 3NT with a dead minimum. As he tabled dummy, he said, "Prove me right." Later, I asked what new evaluation method led him to "upgrade" this hand. His answer: "When the stakes are highest, you raise your game and always seem to get things right, so I was betting on you." I made a difficult 3NT, and we won the title.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 4 NABC events (e.g., 6k mini-Spingold). Second in NABC+ 2-day Swiss, reached semis in 2017 US Team Trials. Numerous regional wins.
Regular Bridge Partners
Jacob Morgan (for 10 years), my sister Miriam Botzum-Harris.
Favorite Tournaments
US Team Trials + Gatlinburg
Favorite Conventions
BLASTorSOR, RABs, and JMH. I invented them as part of my system; no one else plays them. :)
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Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Attitude signal vs 3NT
Doug, while I agree that signaling with an "honor card" is different, I don't think that most experts treat the 10 as an "honor card" in this context. In most situations, if you play the jack or higher, you're simply showing possession of the honor card underneath it ...
Multiple Errors
1. South is nowhere close to having a reopening double. Both South and West lost their minds on this board. 2. Yes, 1NT showing minors would have been "better," but there's still no way I'm balancing with that South hand. 4. I agree with North's penalty double ...
What do these bids mean?
I share Buddy's view (and therefore David's, too).
Sasha Cooper's bidding problem: KQ94 Q6 KQT52 73
Richard, in THIS AUCTION, your example hand is NOT a particularly sound / good 3H bid because it likely fits very poorly (with xx in both of partner's long suits). Something like Axx, KJTxxx, xx, Kx is my idea of a sound invite in this auction. Or xxx, AKxxxx, Ax ...
Cue Bids and Splinters, and Forcing Passes, Oh My
IMO, #1 and #2 should be almost unanimous. It's unplayable to require a diamond control for the 4D cuebid. I can't believe ANY expert plays it that way. Likewise, cuebidding at a level that creates a GF clearly creates a forcing pass situation. If partner was bidding game ...
Glorious Dummies
David, I assume you've seen the results of the poll on another post. 90% of respondents play 5S as preemptive, not as a slam try. I strongly agree with the preemptive view. There are other ways to show a strong hand in comp (e.g., double or cuebid first ...
What should east-west have done?
3D is a serious underbid. However, West is so strong that he still should try 4D over a freely bid 3D. So, IMO, more blame to East, but both are partially at fault. I also blame the methods. Playing 2NT as natural here is foolish. It's FAR more important ...
Maximal Double or not?
LOL. How can it be "takeout?" We've already agreed on our trump suit.
Maximal Double or not?
I voted for penalty, but Craig's explanation sums it up perfectly. It's "penalty-oriented," showing the kind of hand Craig described.
Maximal Double or not?
I agree with Bill. Responder's 2S bid said he has less than inv. values, and Opener's Pass said he's not interested in game opposite that. Responder can't suddenly find extra values later in the auction. Maximal double would apply if WEST raised to 3H and OPENER ...
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