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Does UI have to be helpful to count?
As for ACBL's authority to disagree with your view, which you seem to question, think of it like the relationship between a legislature and the courts. Bridge's legislature drafted the Laws. When, as here, the legislature uses an ambiguous word, like "demonstrably," it's up to the courts ...
Does UI have to be helpful to count?
David, In Duplicate Decisions, ACBL has defined / clarified what "demonstrable" means. You may not like that definition, but that's the definition that governs in ACBL events. It's NOT remotely close to your personal definition of the same word. As you ADMIT, according to dictionaries, "demonstrably" can mean EITHER ...
Not Losing Money on NABCs
I think David G's idea is brilliant! He's right: the vast majority of players who qualify for later days won't mind paying more. Most who make it that far are on sponsored teams, and those who aren't will be thrilled with their results. This isn't ...
Measuring Deductive Reasoning
The LSAT is for law school applicants. It seems like a bit of a stretch to use it on children. Further, it's been many years since I took the LSAT, but if you're going to use that, the Logic Games section might be more useful than the Logical ...
Does UI have to be helpful to count?
David, if bidding game is .00000001 more likely to be right based on the UI, then the UI does NOT "demonstrably suggest" bidding game. This is not a math question. It's a question about what "demonstrably suggest" means. ACBL has answered that question. At least in ACBL events, according ...
Does UI have to be helpful to count?
Richard, If you agree that the UI makes bidding game "slightly more attractive," then the score should NOT be rolled back. The rule only permits a rollback if the UI "demonstrably suggests" bidding game. "Demonstrably suggests" means it's "clear and obvious," without requiring any subtle reasoning to arrive at ...
Not Losing Money on NABCs
That latter proposal would destroy the event's integrity for very little gain. Further, if you're playing the V/S/R, I believe you probably care about both winning and MPs, especially since platinum MPs are what count for Player Of The Year standings.
Not Losing Money on NABCs
Chris, do you accept Richard's amendment to your proposal? :)
Not Losing Money on NABCs
Richard, that's a GREAT idea. Not for all events, only for Vanderbilt, Spingold, Reisinger, and Soloway. Basically, if you pay the higher fee, you're eligible for the full MP award that event pays. If you pay the lower (current) fee, you only get half the MP award. If ...
Not Losing Money on NABCs
Chris, If people over age 36 feel they're paying more than everyone else, they'll get pissed off. Many of them will stop coming. That decline in attendance will cost far more than we'll gain from the higher fees. "Logically," this shouldn't happen. If "older" folks were ...
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