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checking the odds
Steven, I agree 100% with the way you phrased it: you nailed the two situations in which it's OK to respond 2C with 4 card support. Avon made a much broader statement, suggesting that it's always a bad idea to respond 2C with 4 card support.
checking the odds
Avon, I strongly disagree. My system's 2C response to a 1M opening covers almost all GF hands, including 4+ card trump support. The only GF hands with support excluded from 2C are splinters and fit jumps (5+ card side suit). As a result, we frequently respond 2C with 4 ...
2d response to opening strong artificial 2C
Barry, I hate 2H double negative and also dislike step responses. I believe 2D waiting is far superior (in a "least of evils" kind of way). When the 2C opener has anything other than a 2NT rebid, it's critical to leave him room to show his hand. "Stay out ...
UI from CHO. What may I call ethically here?
In this particular auction, I don't see how the director can require you to to pass AND make a different lead. I believe he can require you to bid something, giving you a small minus score. But if he lets you defend 3Hx, as he apparently did, I don ...
Forcing Pass
Frances, I agree with Michael. Suppose you believe 4H has a 50% chance of making, while 4S will likely be a poor contract (down 1 or 2 most of the time). To keep things simple, let's assume that whenever 4H makes 4S is down 2, the rest of the ...
Should South find a bid with this hand?
I agree with Kit. You can't possibly Pass such a strong hand.
VOTE on eliminating sequestering in final 2 or 3 Round Robin matches
I strongly believe we should keep sequestering. Data from NABC Open Swisses strongly suggests that something funny happens in the final round when teams know their score and know they're near the bubble. All day in those Swisses, the projected minimum qualifying score goes up by 10 IMPs per ...
Interesting Ruling Situation
Gordon, your argument is illogical. Like John, I'm not aware of ANY system* where Opener's 2S rebid (over any of a 1NT, 2C, 2D, or 2H response) would show a singleton spade. It would obviously show 4 spades. Unless Opener specifically told the director, "We're playing a ...
Precision - NT ranges w/o Kokish 1!H and w/o 2NT strong/balanced?
Adam, I don't play a strong club system but at least at first blush, your approach sounds like a very good method.
Systems Poll
John, there are two schools of thought on how to rebid after a transfer response to a "could be short" club. Approach #1 is: 1C - (xfr) - 1PS (weak NT with EITHER 2 or 3 cards in PS), 1C - (xfr) - 1NT (strong bal., like jumping to 2NT in std). You can ...
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