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ATB: In competition, how much do you need to support partner's 2-level overcall?
IMO, South could EITHER double or bid 3H to invite game in spades, so his direct 3S call should just be to play (competitive). South passed over 1C so he can't suddenly be deciding to double for T/O X at the 3-level. Instead, IMO his X should be ...
ATB - Wrong Slam
If North is only 3-3 in the Majors, then his 4S bid (over a T/O X) would be an abomination. With 3-3-5-2 shape there are exactly two rationale choices over partner's T/O X: 3D and 4C. Making a bid that could land your side in a 3-3 ...
ATB - Wrong Slam
ATB - Wrong Slam
I agree with David B. that the best response to a T/O X here is 4C. Craig, you're correct that the North hand isn't quite strong enough to force to game with a cuebid. But more importantly, David is right that in situations like this, the most ...
Gatlinburg Regional 2018 hits 8109 tables
Michael and Greg, I agree that I would prefer to see the top bracket in a Swiss be truly open. But I must say, as a team that qualified for the top bracket, it was a lot of fun to play 8 matches against strong opponents, instead of the usual ...
Four for the price of one
Actually, John, our wise decision to open 1NT with this hand has greatly improved our position, given how the auction developed. Had we opened 1S, partner never would have had a chance to show his club suit. Further, if we unilaterally competed to 3C (over 2H), partner would likely expect ...
Four for the price of one
I pass in all 4 scenarios. I can't imagine doing anything else. Partner's pass of my 3C relay showed less than invitational values with 5+ clubs. My 3S bid (aggressive) showed my 5 spades and also implied a club fit, so I've already shown my full hand ...
Gatlinburg Regional 2018 hits 8109 tables
IMO Gatlinburg is by far the best regional in the U.S. It offers the strongest competition at the top, enough brackets that everyone who wants to play only against "peers" can easily do so, and it's very well run administratively. My only gripe about this year's format ...
What is this double?
Stuart, this situation is totally different than a 1C opening. This time, the Opps BOTH have announced opening bid strength so they're in a GF. Further, when 2C is short, it's almost always because Responder has a balanced hand (no 5 card red suit). Making a T/O ...
What is this double?
Gene, it's not that hard to have "meta" agreements for situations like this. The opponents are in a GF auction. IMO it's ridiculous to play doubles of an artificial bid as T/O once you know the Opps are in a GF. In these circumstances the X should ...
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