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The Cherokee warned us about Spearfinger
Amen! My first thought after reviewing this auction was, "South got what he deserved for that ill-advised double!"
dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
John, Chess has to buy special clocks which cost more than bidding boxes (albeit you need one clock for every 2 players, vs. bidding boxes you need one for each player, so that makes the per person cost about equal). Overall, my sense of this discussion is as follows. You ...
dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
I don't have personal experience teaching bridge to kids, but I suspect John is RIGHT about bidding boxes making the game seem more sterile. IMO, the way tournament bridge is played, with no talking during the hand, is fairly sterile and non-social. I believe that does deter many new ...
Play to make, or play to go (not too many) down?
Michael, Even if the spade finesse wins, we still go down whenever they can get a club ruff, which must be at least 50% of the time (64% a priori, minus something for bad defense or lucky blockage). After adding that factor, I calculate the odds of making at 25 ...
How to play this hand
Trick 1: win DA. Trick 2: unblock HA. Trick 3: lead SK (reason: you'll only be able to lead spades off dummy once. you want to do that on the SECOND round. That way, if East has a doubleton honor, you'll be spared from guessing which spade to ...
USA2 Round of 64: How Should Qualifiers be Decided?
I agree with Peter, it should be decided by net IMPs. In other formats, the main objection to net IMPs is the risk of dumping. However, in THIS situation, the risk of dumping is very close to zero, especially if a team that's significantly ahead automatically Qs (drops out ...
USA2 Round of 64: Qualify leading team after 1 day?
I like early qualification. 1 IMP per board is enough, that's a very large margin that is highly unlikely to be overcome on day 2.
Format for USBC Round of 64 3-way with 2 survivors
Q2. This one is the easiest. It's CLEARLY better to use a BAM format than to have sitouts. Playing 112 total boards is far better than playing only 80 boards. Q3. After one day, if any team is ahead in both of its matches AND has a combined margin ...
What is the best chance in this slam?
Frances, in your first line (running the club 9), you left out a significant additional chance. If you lose the first club to the Jack, you can test spades before taking a ruffing finesse against CA. This wins not only in the 75% of the cases where either club finesse ...
IMO, it's a no brainer to open this hand 1NT. If you have a balanced hand in your 1NT range, open 1NT. I don't care if the hand has xx and xxx in two of the suits. That said, opening 1NT vs. 1H is somewhat a matter of ...
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