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Opener's jump rebid of 3NT after a game forcing 2/1 response
In my experience, 15-17 is the standard agreement as others have said. Obviously that leaves the bid in need of a new meaning for those of us who open 1NT whenever we have 15-17 balanced with a 5 card major.
2C is an appallingly bad bid. It would never cross my mind to overcall 2C with a 4 card suit. If you can't stand to pass and so must tell a lie with that hand, it's better to overcall 1NT than 2C. But that said, East made a ...
Which game is least bad?
3NT is unquestionably the best game, especially if you have an unrevealing auction. Not only does 3NT make whenever spades are 4-4 or blocked, it usually also makes when the opening leader is the one with 3 spades while his partner has 5. Using a priori odds that's better ...
The Longest Consecutive Chain of Bids Ever?
If you allow me to skip 1 step along the way, I could come up with the following sequence (again, it's never happened at the table): 1C (bal. or clubs or 4441) -1NT (bal. GF, no 5+ M) 2C (bal., 12-13 or 18-22) -2D (12-17 HCP) 2H (18-22 HCP ...
The Longest Consecutive Chain of Bids Ever?
Jay, that is a very impressive, LONG sequence. I don't recall ever actually having this auction at the table, but the longest I can think of in my system would go like this: 1S -2C (artif. GF) 2D (relay, 3 possible hand types) -2H (relay, asks which type) 2S ...
Worst Bid? For Bidding Theory Geeks Only
IMO the problem was the system NS are using. Neither player showed his distribution. The balanced hand should have relayed while South should have shown 6-4 shape. That would have made it very easy for North to identify that his two round suit kings were not good cards. Instead of ...
ACBL Dues Revenue Flow: Bad for Recruitment
I have a few questions. As background, I don't know much about the relationship or power structure between units, districts, and the ACBL. But several people above have said that ACBL sends a lot of money to the units, while others claim the units have $17 million just sitting ...
ACBL Dues Revenue Flow: Bad for Recruitment
JoAnn, I don't doubt you, but I'm absolutely stunned by your claim that a typical board member works 20+ hours per week on ACBL matters. Is that really true? If yes, WHY? What are the individual board members actually doing each week? A board of directors is supposed ...
Warning: Viewer Discretion
There are so many bad bids here it's hard to pick out one as THE worst. If forced to choose, I'd probably go with West's X, but: Why did West pass a clear opening bid? Yes it's a quacky 12 count with 4333 shape, but there ...
Ax opposite KQTxx
Craig, thanks for the link. That's BY FAR the best shortcut I've ever seen for calculating revised odds based on vacant spaces. It's the first shortcut formula I've seen that's simple enough you can use it in real time at the table.
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