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Odd ruling
Joseph and Yu, banning claims is a terrible idea. It would add several minutes to some hands, not just 5 seconds. Perhaps people who often make careless claims should refrain from claiming (for their own protection), but prohibiting claims by people who know what they're doing when they claim ...
Odd ruling
Yu, the squeeze does NOT play itself. Suppose that after cashing the two clubs, he doesn't notice that the HQ was discarded or he forgets the HJ is now high. So he cashes the DK in hand at trick 11, goes to dummy with DA at trick 12, and ...
Why the uproar about Cell Phones? Are they really THE problem?
To the best of my understanding, the cell phone rule is primarily aimed at preventing potential cheating. A ringing cell phone can also be distracting, but IMO that's just a secondary, relatively minor reason for the current prohibition. Before people downplay the cheating concern, you should know that in ...
Negative double distribution
Steve, there's a big difference between competing to the 3-level vs. competing to the 4-level (especially to 4 of a minor). I strongly disagree with your statement that "competing over three diamonds is fine, whatever two suits responder holds."
Negative double distribution
Doug, The odds you quoted are impossibly low. The odds of responder holding at least one 4 card major are approximately 60%. The odds that he holds 4432 with both majors are 3.6%, and that's without even considering other combinations that include 4-4 majors: 4441 and 4450. Adding ...
Negative double distribution
This auction is different than other Neg. X auctions. Playing this X as "any two places to play" is grossly inferior. This X shows at least 4-4 in the Majors (5-4 either way is certainly possible). If you have exactly one 4 card major plus support for Opener's clubs ...
"I always ask"
You might prefer the auction with fewer questions, but your opponents are fools if they don't at least ask what hand types your openings may show. Once you've shown 20+ balanced, I'd expect them to stay quiet until the auction is over, but when you make a ...
Full Disclosure ?
Michael, If they're simply substituting 2H for 2C, you'd be correct. But most people who play transfer advances (including me) have THREE ways to raise below 2PS, not just two. We retain 2C as a cue bid (inv. +), use 2H to show a constructive raise (8-10), and use ...
We Hope You Stay Home
Peg, I'll start by saying that you're right about one thing: it's harder today to get players to play team games in some regionals; they're often CANCELED at smaller tournaments. For that reason, I've stopped going to some of the smaller regionals I used to ...
Questions about 1N-2!s Range Ask
After a 2S response, I play Opener's rebids exactly the same as Mike described. That part of the convention is pretty well standardized. However, you can use the 2NT, 3C and 3D responses however you like. There are many other possibilities beyond the one structure Mike described. For example ...
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