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Why Zimmermann should not have won the Monaco Winter Games
Time and again they get away with it because of the clever argument that the reason for the BIT could be one of many things. Time and again they have the nuts. It's not about whether bidding 3NT has a positive expected value, it's that it has more ...
Followups after shape resolution
A (fairly) simple and effective way is to use 4m as optional KC for the the 2 most likely strains (in this case &). Use 4 for the major, and 4 for the minor for space conservation purposes. Once you bid 4m as QRKCB, responder bids the ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Top players would never/would always do this and that IN FACE of the 7N bid. Can't make this stuff up...
Hilda and Ellen
With the majority of articles lately focusing on rulings or cheating this one was a breath of fresh air. Loved the stories, loved the humor. Thanks
Claim ruling poll
Your comment would have been rude had this been one of his worst rulings. It was not.
Great Grand Slam auction in the Transnational playoff in Lyon
Opener had the j so it had some play, but obviously if you worked out openers entire hand, you'd pass (even if someone told you opener had the j). There is enough "evidence" to work it out, but even if given as a problem it's fairly easy to ...
Great Grand Slam auction in the Transnational playoff in Lyon
True, but given the range of hands partner may have for the 6 bid (6th spade, k or 5134), I'd say that accepting the grand slam invite is the percentage action. If he has the worst possible hand (5125 no k), then you just hope for the break ...
Great Grand Slam auction in the Transnational playoff in Lyon
If you are reading this David, I've a question for you. Your hand was kqxxx x axx akxx, but on the auction it could have as easily been kqxxx x ax akxxx. Would you still have found a pass over 7 had it been kqxxx x ax akxxx ...
Great Grand Slam auction in the Transnational playoff in Lyon
Not quite, they would have been +2140 and +100, for a +2240 total, 2240 is the last number you gain "only" 19 imps for. Since they won 17, and this way would have won 19, the bermuda bowl would have ended in a tie, and the tiebreaker would have gone ...
EBC Mixed Teams 6 QF - Assess the blame
It would seem that in bridge the only thing that happens more often than getting lucky if you are fond of bidding is people who aren't so fond telling you just how lucky you got.

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