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Matias Rohrberg
Matias Rohrberg
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Oct. 11, 2011
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Dec. 14
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Bridge Player
about me

Former Danish junior international (living in Stockholm, Sweden) trying his best to "make it in the real world". Wink


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Surprising the Danish bridge community by winning the Danish Cup 2014
Bridge Accomplishments
3rd place at European Junior Championship 2011, Danish Cup Champion 2014
Member of Bridge Club(s)
S:t Eriks Bridgeklubb
Favorite Conventions
Transfer over 1C and support doubles
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1!d-1N foring
Absolutely, but what about the x Axx xx Kxxxxxx hand that has to set NTs in the wrong hand? I dont think it (3-3-2-5) will be a problem you'll lose too much sleep over. Some of them will pass 1 (up to 8hcp with a bad suit?) some ...
1!d-1N foring
No I dont think its a great deal not being able to play 1N if opener is (4)5+ and unbalanced. Most often you'll be ok with playing in 2. If you're playing 1 = 11-18 4+ unbal and 1N over that as forcing, then ...
Caplan upsets Strul - a tale from an underdog.
If I ever were to play against a pair that played 2 = Weak 2 / intermediate 2 or FG 5+ I would not have a hard time to decide my defensive methods. Dbl: 13-15NT or (17)18+ any hand. 2N = 16-18NT Other natural. Maybe some leaping Michaels ...
Great lead, partner!
Mikael Grönkvist writing about Mikael Grönkvist nominated/winning an award for "best defensive play". Do you know the guy? Do you really want to boost his self confidence like that? :D
I think the seeding system is as good as it gets. Of course a lot will be random because performance can vary a lot from day to day especially for the lower seeds. I think there bridge technically is no big difference (as always with exceptions) between the sub-top seeds ...
This may have been said before, but given that there were exactly 13 in the board and dummys highest was infact the 8, going up with the ace to score your safe 4 tricks is safe. Had dummy had the 9, then it would still be the ...
Est. # of top 16 Vanderbilt cheaters.
I don't think it will be impossible to catch cheaters even if their methods are unknown. What started Boye's quest? FS again and again played counterintuitively, but were right. FN was the worlds best pair, especially in defence. Any top pair in bridge that cheats will be suspected ...
Congratulations Poland
I don't hate anybody. I don't like the fact that people cheat in bridge, destroying the game we love etc (somebody might have said that before me?). Being a huge fan of good bridge players and good bridge I also want to applaud the performance of this Polish ...
1M P 1N in a 2/1 structure
I completely agree with Dan here. Playing (13)14-16NTs are superior in a 2/1GF system, as I see it, cause opener will pass all bal hands that aren't strong enough to open 1NT. (Combining that with Fantunes 2M openings, you can imply that all hands bidding over 1NT ...
Matias Rohrberg's bidding problem: KQ K43 KQ4 A7432
I doubled. My partner had AJxxx Qxxx AJxx - and LHO had xx AJ10x x KQT8xx (nice surprise to find dummy with J9 tight, huh?. Understandably my partner lead a (the only suit he didn't hold an ace), leading to a disappointing "only" down 2.

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