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Mats Nilsland
Mats Nilsland
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Aug. 12, 2013
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The Best Bridge Writer
Jeff Rubens must get some vote :)
BW 2/1: Opener's 2NT Rebid
I prefer being able to open 1M OR 1N with 15-17 balanced and for me 2N shows 15+ balanced with 5(6)M.
congrats, wd
True North American Championships Coming
Will it be possible to kibbitz if you are an outsider?
Understanding the Logic and Merit of Strong Pass!
Nick: No :) That was Magnus Lindkvist, but they won the tournament anyway. And yes we felt that we should have made a protest in some way, but that would also mean that we could not concentratate on playing on in the tournament, so we accepted the unfairness. The system was ...
Understanding the Logic and Merit of Strong Pass!
The advantage of a strong pass system is for sure that hands with 8-12 is more frequent. In the 90's, when I played with Björn Fallenius in the Swedish team, we designed "Minimajor" where 1Ma showed 8-13 with at least 3 cards, 1D 14+ with at least 3S and ...
Seeding in the World Bridge Games
In my opinion we will not get seeding right until a modern rating system is introduced. A system where each match, team and pair is evaluated and produce a plus or a minus score. The score depends on the strength of the field and/or actual opponents. Master points just ...
Is the WBF Sexist?
Hi Sabine I dont think anyone disagree with your quest and I hope that the voice of the opinion can help to make this and maybe other changes that are needed to make our game as fair as possible for everybody. I also hope that more women realize that the ...
Once accused for cheating then I got cheated
I mean unlikely because: Peter did not say so. Chip did not protest when Peter said that he called after the board. And in my experience TD always report when he was called to the table. Thats why.
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