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Matt Blakeley
Matt Blakeley
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Sept. 23, 2011
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June 21
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Bridge Player
about me

A better than average club player in Dunedin, New Zealand.


I have a full-time job (business analyst), two young children and a partner who quite reasonably expects me to do my fair share of the parenting, so for the past 9 years and for the foreseeable future, bridge will remain a hobby rather than an addiction, though the internet does allow me to do a lot more than just attend a club session once a week.


Thanks Bridgewinners for keeping me up to date with the wider world out there.

New Zealand

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Otago, New Zealand
Favorite Conventions
Intermediate jump shifts 1m-2M
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Really bad or not
I've had partners tell me that you have to overcall at this vulnerability because if 2 makes, +110 beats anything you'll get defending 1NT against non-vul opponents (in a match-point context). I usually argue back that if 2 makes it's because partner (me) is contributing ...
Tricky hand?
Interesting lead card - if South held A-10-x of diamonds rather than a doubleton... Playing 2 as a GF response : 2-2 2-3 4-4 4-4 4NT-5 6-6NT 7NT Establish GF, set spades, control-bid, find one ace, ask for third round control ...
ACBL CEO: Post-Mortem
Make that a sample size of two. I learned the game with my family when young but gave it up once I left home. I only got interested again via reading columns in newspapers - that was what led me to give club bridge a try. Not sure it would have ...
ACBL CEO: Post-Mortem
Just a couple of points : Everyone who plays golf accepts that their handicap is a measure of their (relatively recent) ability and that it goes up and down (up being bad, of course) over time. I've never known any golfer quit the game because they were embarassed by playing ...
How would your auction go?
if 2 is undefined, ie, if not playing 2 as a negative, then isn't 3NT over 3D the way you show a true bust hand?
ATB - Missed Game
So is it best to pass RHO's 1 bid with something like AJxx-AKx-Kxx-xxx? I, and I think most of the people I play with, would pick double as the least bad option. Given I'm well below the standard of most of the people on this forum, I ...
ATB - Missed Game
Had the opponents shown a fit? Do we know if North's 1c was 4+? Couldn't bidding 2 on the first round work out rather badly if partner also has 3x club losers?
Partner passes out of turn
Well, they are punished in that they no longer able to get a 100% board... a deliberate bid out of turn could be used by an unscrupulous pair to limit any damage against a near rival.
A possibly crazy idea for ACBL skip bid procedure
I don't understand the problem of an "instacall" if the stop card was on the table for a good 10 seconds. I'm a quick bidder by nature - if the stop card has been presented for the full 10 seconds, once it's removed, I make my call, whether ...
The Deadly 3C Opening Preempt
It would be interesting to run a sim on this to see how often you'd be down two or three after such an auction. I guess it's hard to define the 6-card suits that would be opened 3C, where partner's Jxx or even 10xx might be a ...
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