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100% of the match points depend on your play(2nd trick)
This is quite close. In general doing the obvious thing against slams bid like this at matchpoints is less stressful in the long run.
Sabrina Miles's bidding problem: 53 QT98632 A42 2
XX surely gives you the best chance of avoiding being in 6 off 2 top spades. Assuming it fetches 4S, then we can use RKC
Matt Foster's bidding problem: 9864 J874 A J854
Of course it was hand 1, as per the previous problem I posted. Hardly unsurprisingly the majors both break badly, with Pre-emptors partner having KTxxx and KT9x DF can manage 9 tricks in spades and 8 in hearts, but in real life more likely to be another trick shy resulting ...
The plays the thing
Craig has it spot on. That's exactly what east held, reflex double, then looked at his diamond spots and bottled it. So the curly suit squeeze operates exactly as described.
The plays the thing
That works well when East was wanting to defend clubs....
The plays the thing
LHO blows, pitching a heart.
The plays the thing
Perhaps I should have mentioned that the X indicated defence against at least one 3 level minor suit contract; East gave it some thought before passing 3D out. I'd guess there is a fair chance of some fairly hostile distribution.
The Lovely Bidding( then how to play)
5=2=3=3 even *blush* But perhaps SQ at trick 2 is marginally better
Steve Fama's bidding problem: T7654 T932 --- AJ32
And thus I'll try and collect 50s. I don't fancy our chances of going plus if I re-open, it's not as if I'm going to have th bottle to hit whatever they run to.
The Lovely Bidding( then how to play)
Perhaps we can play south for a significant doubleton in spades. It does rather seem to need North to be 5=1=5=2 or 5=2=5=3. So win, SA, SQ. Cross fingers.
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