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Matt Muir
Matt Muir
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Aug. 7, 2015
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about me

Matt Muir, ACBL since 1991, with a 15+ - year dormancy period.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Making an ill-advised 7 Spades contract. Wish I could find that old hand record. (Update: I found it!)
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Legal Agreement or not?
David: When they were flagged, I clicked on the "I mean it like cigarettes" box, so they went through unscathed.
Legal Agreement or not?
"Poker newbies don't object when someone bluffs." Sure, butt everyone knows that bluffs are part of poker—even people who don't play poker. In contrast, bridge players learn from the getgo that bids have specific meanings, and that they should always fit within that structure. Psyches are mentioned ...
Warning: Viewer Discretion
It's weird that such ambiguous phrasing was used. If the OP meant "West's 2NT", why not simply say "West's 2NT"?
Warning: Viewer Discretion
You have two "West's later action" choices. That seems redundant; it would be good if one were changed to "East's later action".
How Many Zeros Would You Give West?
"I am happy with the participation and some incites that I and maybe some others might not have gotten otherwise." You might have meant "insights", but your terminology jest might inadvertently work also.
What is the best line to play this 3nt?
Yes, so my whole conception of the hand was wrong. I hope the OP can edit the description. If West showed out on the 2nd round of s, is there any reason to overtake the 10? Seems you're simply giving up a slow to the 765. But, considering ...
Legal Agreement or not?
Wait. Are you saying that Garbage Stayman must be alerted? I thought that Garbage Stayman was fairly common—and Responder's LHO does have the option to come in, once s/he finds out that Responder's hand is (much) weaker than 8.
What is the point of this?
As I read the bidding, Dummy did not bid a 3NT response.
First Dupli-Swiss at ACBL club - positives and negatives
Very nice report; thanks. They play a lot of Dupli-Swiss in the Philly area, and I wish more tournaments did so.
ATB: Mist Slam
Thanks, all. I thought this might be a stretchy slam, not a sensible one to bid. I'll take many of your suggestions of how to bid it to my pard for discussion.

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