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Matt Muir
Matt Muir
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Aug. 7, 2015
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about me

Matt Muir, ACBL since 1991, with a 20+ - year dormancy period.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Making an ill-advised 7 Spades contract. Wish I could find that old hand record.
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Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
When do you call the Director?
Same thing happened yesterday. West led, then asked for a review of the bidding. I told him it was too late, and he got angry. We called the Director…who ruled that he [i]was[/i] entitled to said review! So we reviewed the bidding. To her credit, the Director ...
Attention All Bridge Lawyers!
Yes, we saw that last month. However, few have the time or inclination to pay attention to the delicate decisions of an ACBL district. You'd have a hard time convincing me that such decisions have a major impact on my life. Statistically speaking, voting randomly is the equivalent of ...
Do you try to exploit Stolen Bids?
Because there's a check-box on the CC for Stolen Bid, those who play it should check that box. If their card doesn't reflect their system, that seems to me to be a violation of ethics.
Attention All Bridge Lawyers!
Between sessions at a recent tournament, they held the annual District meeting. Many players heard the (loud, distorted) proceedings on the PA system and did their best to ignore them. Occasionally, there'd be a call for a vote, and many players raised their hand, "Aye", without having any bloody ...
Here is a hypothetical to chew on
What a strange ruling! It effectively advantages the player who doesn't keep score, and punishes the side in which both players keep score.
Yet another ruling ..
Not too long ago, it was my turn to bid. I placed the Pass card on the table. When the next player bid, I called the Director—because I hadn't meant to pass. The Director pulled me aside, and said that normally you get to change your bid if ...
Yet another ruling ..
It kind of looks as though the rulebook is like the Constitution, and Duplicate Decisions is like Supreme Court rulings, constituting interpretations of the law which should serve as guidelines for directors.
ACBL Counsel Response on Forfeiture of Titles
Watergate also resulted in jail time for a bunch of offenders. Just saying.
When do you call the Director?
So, just yesterday, sitting North, I was Dummy and saw West lead a card. Then he asked for a review of the bidding. Yeah, "Dummy is supposed to be silent", butt this wasn't an irregularity along the lines of a Revoke or other form of card play. So I ...
When do you call the Director?
Max, if the "honest mistake" was her partner's carding, then why was she upset about my calling the director? No, I called the director because of her mutterances. And that's what she was referring to.
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