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Matt Muir
Matt Muir
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Aug. 7, 2015
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Jan. 14
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about me

Matt Muir, ACBL since 1991, with a 15+ - year dormancy period.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Making an ill-advised 7 Spades contract. Wish I could find that old hand record. (Update: I found it!)
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
An opponent bid 3NT as a passed hand against us yesterday. The partnership had a major misunderstanding and declared in 4 with a 6-card fit. Should've been down a bunch, but survived for -1. Good board for us, but could've / should've been better.
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
David, I don't consider bridge to be a sport, any more than chess, go, or poker, because success or failure at those games is entirely dependent on mental acuity, not on coordination or physical strength. They're great games, of course, but they're not sports. And if the ...
Masterpoints(tm) in the ACBL; I am sure other jurisdictions have more or less equivalents
In ACBLLand, there are club swisses in which one can earn a fraction of Gold—5% gold, 95% black. A local director tells of a player who needed 0.01 Gold for LM. Her team won one match, for 0.23 MPs. 5% of that gave her the 0.01 ...
Masterpoints(tm) in the ACBL; I am sure other jurisdictions have more or less equivalents
It is absolutely true that some players would decline to play and jeopardize their rating, especially as their skills decline. I've seen that in chess. Incidentally, it's not impossible to institute an Elo-like rating system in a pairs or team game like bridge. The formula could compare a ...
ATB: -650 instead of +1430
Of course, Michal. Thank you for that insight.
ATB: -650 instead of +1430
Vul slam in a minor is +1370.
Procedural Penalty
Brad, I never did like your grandmother.
Crazy Director Ruling
Yeah, it was ambiguously written. It was only after viewing several comments, and re-reading the original OP post, that I understood what he was saying. But, you know, it's 5:30 AM in the morning here, so maybe that's why I'm more confused than usual.
Another Ruling Question
People's brief explanations of bids can be goofy. On BBO last night, the opps bid something-something-4NT-5. I clicked on the bid, and he said "Aces". Probed further, he said it was 1430. Hm. I'd have interpreted "Aces" to mean straight Blackwood. No matter, but…really. On another ...
ATB - Sanity Check
So, what should W bid? With two Aces and a 10-card fit, should s/he bid 2NT?
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