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Matt Muir
Matt Muir
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Basic Information

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Aug. 7, 2015
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March 12
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Bridge Player
about me

Matt Muir, ACBL since 1991, with a 15+ - year dormancy period.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making an ill-advised 7 Spades contract. Wish I could find that old hand record. (Update: I found it!)
ACBL Ranking
Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Wrong Alert of a Bid
Paul Friedman: Once it's bid, 3 is not alterable. (It is also not alertable if it's Stayman.)
Claiming with a trump out
I rarely see ZT warnings. I've seen players act in insulting and rude manners, right in front of the director, and get no warning. I've spoken to directors about players' behavior, and they've clucked that it's a real problem…but no ZT warning. ZT is, largely ...
Unwanted Gift
Took me awhile to figure out that SPS stands for Suit Preference Signal. Is it necessary to turn everything into an acronym?
Failure to Alert
The acronym seems fine; maybe it needs to be pronounced phonetically.
Seeking Ideas on How to Increase Attendance at Sectional Sunday Swiss
I do prefer bracketed team events. Recently, my team was doing quite well—leading the D field. Because we were doing well, we encountered strong B teams in the final two rounds. When I saw our opponents in the final round, I told my teammates "This one's for fun ...
What should be the ACBL priorities?
In my high school, we could play chess in the cafeteria, butt not bridge.
What should be the ACBL priorities?
Re. school chess clubs vs. bridge clubs: I believe chess is an easier game to understand and improve in, especially for young'uns. Maybe that's just my perception, as I'm a far better chess than bridge player. (And, yet, I'm a Life Master in bridge, butt not ...
Active Ethics (Again)
I have seen club directors choose to play with a strong player, as a fill-in, and turn away a walk-in. I've seen that at least twice, at two separate clubs. I've seen honorable club directors. One told me that, when he plays and directs, both his playing and ...
An opponent bid 3NT as a passed hand against us yesterday. The partnership had a major misunderstanding and declared in 4 with a 6-card fit. Should've been down a bunch, but survived for -1. Good board for us, but could've / should've been better.
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
David, I don't consider bridge to be a sport, any more than chess, go, or poker, because success or failure at those games is entirely dependent on mental acuity, not on coordination or physical strength. They're great games, of course, but they're not sports. And if the ...

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