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Matt Muir
Matt Muir
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Aug. 7, 2015
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Aug. 13
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Bridge Player
about me

Matt Muir, ACBL since 1991, with a 15+ - year dormancy period.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making an ill-advised 7 Spades contract. Wish I could find that old hand record. (Update: I found it!)
ACBL Ranking
Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
Mike, I find it cute as all getout when UKers treat their version of English as [i]the[/i] correct usage, and sniff down their noses at the usage employed in a country which has nearly five times as many speakers.* It's doubly amusing when said British "subjects" proclaim ...
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
Ron, if I were to comment on someone else's grammar, I'd be careful to spell my words correctly.
Traveler View - negative good will for the club?
Stu, sometimes they are bigger annoyances. Butt that's not always the case.
ATB: Mist Game
Yeah, part of what I'm wondering is, had West raised to 3, should East find the game? I mean, it's a good hand, butt with six losers I wouldn't be inclined to go directly to 5 with E's hand after a raise. If W goes ...
Traveler View - negative good will for the club?
If the Bridge Mate is in Traveler Mode, you bet I use it; butt I'm among those who believe clubs shouldn't use it—not only because it slows the game, butt also because discussion of the results can be overheard. It also creates some bitter anger among some ...
What are you done with?
Ian Grant: Why bother? ACBL MP ranks have little relationship to skill level. ACBL Life Master is like a high-school diploma. It certifies that one has a record of attendance, without flunking everything. (Butt it still doesn't hurt to congratulate people on either achievement.)
Hotel room in Atlanta
Dangit; if that were my name, and they asked, I'd say "Yes, I do own the chain, thank you very much—and please send up my sixpack and slippers ASAP." On NPR Radio's Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me over the weekend, they had a contestant on the ...
Directing on BBO
I wouldn't trust a dictionary as the ulti-Matt authority on technical jargon such as "cuebid". My dictionaries are missing lots of words that I use in science and engineering, so I wouldn't expect them to get bridge terms right. (And forget kayaking and skiing jargon, LOL.)
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
Gary, I disagree. His cred should be assessed as a function of what he writes; his photo is entirely irrelevant, and his resume is of only tangential interest. Do you have any substantive response to what he actually wrote?
Legal Agreement or not?
David: When they were flagged, I clicked on the "I mean it like cigarettes" box, so they went through unscathed.

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