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Matt Williams
Matt Williams
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April 7, 2014
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Bidding to 6 clubs, ruffing the opening spade lead, then laying down the Ace of clubs, and realizing it was the Ace of spades...
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Pete Marvin's bidding problem: AKT4 AKQ542 J8 Q
He's just being arrogant, which is typical.
Pete Marvin's lead problem: J74 63 AK73 T843
Precisely. I actually wonder if Pete's partner (one of the finest players at our club), forgot they were playing UD. There is simply no reason to play a low diamond at trick one otherwise.
Pete Marvin's lead problem: J74 63 AK73 T843
I agree. Looking at the QJ10 of diamonds remaining in dummy, partners play should be SP.
24 Hours of Le Bots - Robot Bridge Marathon - September 1, 2018
I have a (crazy) friend who runs ultra marathons, which take about 24 hours. I used to think they were made of iron. Now I know the true Man Of Iron, and his name is Daniel Jackson.
You be the judge(classier than ATB I think)
"Passing in 1st seat vulnerable describes the hand even better." Finally, some sanity!
Bad Judgment or Bad Luck?
This is a hand from the Instant Matchpoint game yesterday.
You are now the King/Queen of the ACBL, what next?
Ban The Common Game.
Matchups in the USBC Round of 8
I would encourage anyone to check out Max and Debbie's outstanding defense against Hamman/Berkowitz 3S Board 15 2018-5-13 Segment 3 of 8 (currently about the 31st entry down the archive list). A very nice trump promotion, (my personal favorite play in bridge). Max's early duck of the ...
Your opinion on partner's opening bid Gatlinburg KO.
"Was the postmortem equally ungracious?" Oh, much more ungracious, but I accept full responsibility for my unwise double. I still don't agree with the opening bid though. And I apologize for missing your earlier question: The opponents played and made 4H, undoubled. And yes, North opened 1D at that ...
Suggestion for attracting younger players.
We had a great Sectional this weekend, and 4 local high school seniors were paid to caddie for the Sunday team game. During a lull, a caddie was asked to turn cards for dummy, and this caddie admitted A) not knowing the suits, and B) had never played a card ...

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