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Matthew Brown
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March 17, 2015
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13 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

23 years old.

Chemical Engineering drop-out, finished a degree in Computer Science.

NZ Open team 2016-2020.

New Zealand

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Beating Netherlands in the QF of the Bermuda Bowl 2017
Bridge Accomplishments
5= World Bridge Games 2016, 4th Bermuda Bowl 2017, 2nd APBF 2019
Regular Bridge Partners
Michael Whibley, Andi Boughey
Favorite Conventions
So much suit preference
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ACBL Ranking
Record trump support; Partnership agreement
To match Danny Sprung's story, in the Asia-Pacific Champs in 2017 an uncontested auction began 1S-1NT-2D, with the 1NT responder holding 9 diamonds to the AJT. 2D could have been 3 on occasion, but was indeed 4 this time.
Coast Conduct
Whether or not 5D is appropriate in the face of unauthorised information is irrelevant to what I intended as the main focus of this post. Other people have asked to see the hand, or seen the hand, before deciding whether 5D is appropriate and by proxy whether or not the ...
Coast Conduct
Hi Roger, Nicolas Hammond has kindly shared the hand below. You can tell me whether you would bid 4 or 5 I will be honest, I don’t care much for your tone or implications - I try to be as ethical as possible, in all situations. An example would be a slow duck from partner, switching anyway & conceding the contract, unsure if I could work it out on my own in the Bermuda Bowl SF. I am acknowledging the slow pass now but I did not realise it at the time. When my RHO began his antics I did not actually know the reason why, until he mentioned my partners slow bid at which point I realised partner had been a little slow (emphasis on mild in the description). Systemically, I could have bid 2 Gazilli for 16+, 3 19+, 4 void or 5. I hope this makes my 2 bid and partners pass more understandable. I am happy for my actions to come under scrutiny and learn where I can do better both under the laws and under good will. But someone who hadn’t realised partners slowness at the time isn’t concerned with what bid to make that will “look more legit”. EDIT: This came across as more antagonistic than I had intended. I appreciate that it is possible to consider myself to have done ‘nothing wrong’ while taking an action which the opponents and director may have a problem with, as is their right. The hand itself to me is not relevant; I provided it for extra context but now regret doing so. I wish only to focus on the ...
Coast Conduct
I think you are right Steve, and that fault lies with me for not doing so at the time. I had assumed that recorders could only take down information and only act upon have multiple multiple recordings, I did not realise their full roles.
Worst trump suit making slam
At the Asia Pacific Championships last year there was also a cold vul 6S contract with an 11 card fit missing the A & K (and another Ace!) - I think in the open field the datum for the board was near 1300.
Worst trump suit making slam
Steve’s example actually occurred to me in the semi-final of the HCL against Lavazza in 2017 - Set 3, board 13. I actually had all the information to bid 7C but it was no where near my ...
We missed this good slam by a fair way
Hi Nick, I did not mean to cause harm or gain from insufficiently alerting 3C, but maybe Paul Dalley is on right track. We play responses to (specifically first favourable) preempts as highly non-forcing, along with the possibility of psyching. This however isn’t a consistent thing; I was hesitant ...
No Alert
For what it’s worth, North lead to trick 1 and West then enquired about 3S and was told weak. It was at this point before any further play that East called the director and said they would have bid 4S. p.s. if East asks about 3S and is ...
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
In a recent pairs tournament my opponent, with AQJxxx opposite 98 and worried about entries (when he need not have been) ran the 9 and lost to my partners Txx. After this cold game had gone down dummy started absolutely berating his partner asking why he had taken such a ...
ERICHSEN Wins Jacoby Swiss
Leibo is back!!! Congrats guys.

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