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Matthew Dyer
Matthew Dyer
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Feb. 1, 2012
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Gold Life Master
Matty and G-woman
2/1 with variable NT (10-13 or 12-14: weak and weaker)
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Cory and Matthew
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Chicago Duplicate Bridge 2/1 Std
2/1 fast arrival
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UChicago 2016
2/1 fast arrival
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CDB Individual Good Player 2017
2/1 fast arrival
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Matthew and Sarik
2/1 fast arrival
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Matthew Dyer's bidding problem: Q63 J63 JT AKT83
An entirely fair point, but as I mention in my first comment, this was at a live teaching table at a college club where these things had not been discussed, so like the young man at the table (making his first unusual over unusual bid ever), you get to choose ...
Matthew Dyer's bidding problem: Q63 J63 JT AKT83
I should add that vulnerability was made up (although this hand knew he was red), and that we were talking through the hands. The 2N bidder is a competent C flight player with expected college-player tendencies (overbids at every opportunity and ignores vulnerability).
Matthew Dyer's bidding problem: Q63 J63 JT AKT83
This hand came up at the Northwestern University bridge club, shortly after the adoption of unusual over unusual by the player holding this hand. There were two adults at the table, with profoundly different views on the hand. I presented it to a very experienced B-flight pair, and they appeared ...
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
Peg Kaplan is correct. You should abandon your education in Cambridge and attend the colleges in Minnesota with bridge programs. There is bridge, college bridge, and then dealing with university rules. If they won't let you use the name, win it without giving the college credit publicly, and take ...
Changing The Guard - attracting younger players
I think the answer is to look at the two places where it has been successful. The Atlanta Youth bridge program has been enormously successful over the last ten years, with numerous young players entering the system, and I would be curious to hear from someone from Atlanta why they ...
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: 53 --- AKJ9842 QJ65
Does anyone have an opinion on what 4N would/should mean here in a serious partnership? Arguments could be made for (1) natural (and presumably invitational), (2) keycard for hearts (by implication), or (3) some sort of minor response, possibly suggesting longer diamonds than clubs. This is why I would ...
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: JT7 K9 AK93 T543
Probably biased because I watched this hand and felt a little sick at the back of my throat, and so I get to result. You know they have an 8 card heart fit and that hearts are splitting 2-(3?), and partner chose not to double 2S (which might be ...
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: ATx x Qxx AKQJxx
The experts always say that X is the most flexible answer. I expect to play a moysian fit in spades down a few, but what can I do
Intercollegiate Championships
Totally agree - poor choice of word.
Intercollegiate Championships
At the end of the day, Georgia Tech beat (but did not humiliate) Uchicago - congrats to Arjun and co. I enjoyed watching.

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