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Matthew Kidd
Matthew Kidd
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March 10, 2013
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about me

ACBLmerge, ACBLgamedump, Payoff Matrix, and Lead Solver developer

La Jolla unit (526) webmaster and vice-president (former president 2012-2018)

Photographer / Photoshopper (over 2800 player thumbnails created)

United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
Winning a two session regional open pairs event partnering with a smart NLM (winning made him a LM)
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Bronze Life Master
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Is 3x - (pass) - 3y forcing or non-forcing
I ran through the math on this scenario after it came up in a regular partnership. It is rare for responder to have a seven card suit and rarer still that it will play for more tricks than opener's suit. So we play the new suit as game forcing ...
Another BBO question - scripting
If you really get into generating specific deals, it helps to download Dealer and test your scripts on your box before using them in BBO. It also helps to use an editor like [url=]Notepad++[/url]. Even for text files (.txt), when you type a closing parenthesis ...
Undo or No undo ?
Perhaps there should an "Undo (Adjacent)" option, which when accepted allows the player to select the card immediately to the left or right of the one misplayed. While no one could prove it was a "mechanical error", it would be much more likely to be such. Even choosing cards with ...
"Fat Finger Syndrome"
It's hard to beat a mouse for precision. Enabling the Confirm Bids and Confirm Plays as Eric Kehr suggests is one option but it will slow you down. Consider getting a Bluetooth mouse for your tablet. If you have an iPad, check out the article [url=https://www.howtogeek ...
I'd Support SYC Games... With a Tweak
I had a phone conversation with Jay Whipple (D9 Florida director, Common Game) Monday night. This stratification issue is a high priority for the ACBL and BBO collaboration. Also important is managing the thousands of ACBL players who are completely new to BBO or really any form of online bridge ...
BBO Questions
Don't forget to assign robots to the east and west seats. Otherwise those seats will always pass. Jim's [b]Takeout doubles[/b], [b]Kamikaze 1 no trump with interference[/b], [b]Unusual 2NT overcall[/b], and [b]Top and Bottom Overcall[/b] scenarios definitely need robots. The robots ...
How about some levity to take our minds off the world's dilemma?
Speaking of Bruce Ferguson, I'm pretty sure he and his wife put me up one night in 1993. I was on my way back from the [url=]International Cosmic Ray Conference[/url] (ICRC) in Calgary and had set off to visit a few ...
Coming full circle
Jan, 2340 is so rare as to be non-existent. You almost certainly mean 2320. I see that twice in my million result list. Jim has you beaten below with his 2720.
How about some levity to take our minds off the world's dilemma?
We were youngsters playing in the Vancouver national (1999). I balance 2 with a dubious four bagger. Every card is right and I make an overtrick for a good board. Billy Miller turns to me and says something like, "I used to make bids that when I was young ...
Coming full circle
Jim, you're one in a million—I have only one 2720 (1M**+5 Vul) in my data set. This reminds me of the obnoxious 1N**+6 Vul (3160) scores from the early days of OKbridge when the pranksters realized it scored better than 7N** Vul (2980). I have eight ...
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