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Matthew Weingarten
Matthew Weingarten
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July 18, 2012
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7 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Junior player who graduated from the University of Florida with a major in Computer Science and minors in Mathematics and Statistics. Now a Software Engineer at Nielsen. Bridge is love, Bridge is life.

If my real name isn't familiar, you might know me by my nickname commonly used by fellow Juniors and/or members of the USBF program, Beans.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing with (not against) Jeff Meckstroth
Bridge Accomplishments
4th in 2016 0-10K Swiss, 9th in 2016 0-10K Fast Pairs, 4th in 2017 NAP Flight B, 22nd in 2018 Fast Pairs, 7th in 2018 Wernher Open Pairs
Regular Bridge Partners
Marge Boldus, Justin Coniglio, Arjun Dhir, Jeff Edelstein, Sam Goldberg, Bob McEwan, and Sally Meckstroth
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Clearwater Duplicate Bridge Club, St. Petersburg Bridge Club, Tampa Bay Bridge Center
Favorite Tournaments
Favorite Conventions
Kickback, Kokish, Maximal Doubles
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
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Superbowl Homework
But aren't we missing the 8 and 9 also? If so, there's no endplay position. If we do have one of those spots, then the endplay is right.
In The Well- Michael Xu
Cinnamon Toast Crunch is so underrated. Well done, Michael, on having great cereal taste.
What happened to the Colorado Springs bridge web site?
He's not "fixing it over time." The algorithm only uses the last two years of plays (I think), so games get removed and new games get added, so the numbers shift. It's entirely automatic. Maybe you were getting at that, but I don't like the wording you ...
What happened to the Colorado Springs bridge web site?
I think the only legitimate complaint people could have with Colorado Springs is that they don't agree with the methodology used to compute one's power rating (of course, people will usually not like their own rating, but so be it). However, it's a pretty cool resource and ...
What happened to the Colorado Springs bridge web site?
This leads to the same broken website. But it does say the new site is under construction, so I'm sure we'll be seeing something (relatively) soon.
ACBL Live Chrome Extension
There's a lot of different ways a feature like this could go (oh boy, the software engineer in me is coming out). Pulling the contract by table and names, like it's done currently, would lead to a lot of text for one board and it'd take forever ...
Steve Valencic's bidding problem: KJ75 AJ943 7 AQ8
And FWIW, even though it's not directly relevant, after OP's 3D call here, his partner desperately tried to sign off in 3H under the premise that 3D does not show S support. OP then somehow found a 4S call here, which caused the argument, this post, and then ...
Steve Valencic's bidding problem: KJ75 AJ943 7 AQ8
What OP fails to mention is that he and his partner play constructive raises (or rather, his partner does and OP commonly forgets), so 2H direct should show 8-10 points, and not a crappy 7 as he had on this hand (xxxx xxx KQJx Jx is his hand for reference ...
Update -- Grue and Levin Win Blue Ribbon Pairs
True, but then why did they make a post if it was still pending?
Update -- Grue and Levin Win Blue Ribbon Pairs
BW pulled a Dewey defeats Truman!

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