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Max Ödlund
Max Ödlund
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Max Ödlund is suspended indefinitely from Bridge Winners . Reason: for continued rudeness in comments

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March 16, 2015
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Feb. 12, 2017
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about me

From Stockholm, Sweden. Computer programmer but now retired. Musician. Golfer.


European Champion – but back in the Viking Ages, so I guess it doesn’t count anymore. :)


Bridge theoretician. Invented the two-way club and several other systems and methods.Former editor of the Swedish equivalent of The Master Solvers Club.Have written three books, one bridge book and two logical puzzles books. One of these is available in English as an e-book:

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The Last Five Days
@Welland I have on three different occasions publicly asked you if you spotted the miss-scored board or not. You have not answered. Now, in your own thread, it would be highly unusual if you did not respond “because you did not notice” my question. So, did you, or didn’t ...
Poll on bidding restrictions around HUM, Brown/Red sticker classifications, etc.
Professor: Two negatives cancel out. But there is no language where two positives cancel out! Voice from the crowd: Yeah, right!
Double entry
Instead of "N-S -140" why not display "Smith/Jones +140"?
To Sabine and Roy
“This had never happened if the Polish pair had gone to the right table.” You sound like the law of Saudi-Arabia: “If a European tourist and a native have a car accident, it’s the Europeans fault. Because if he never had come to Saudi, the accident would never have ...
Women’s Pairs Also Decided by “BridgeMate Top”
@David "Why not have the score display as N/S +140" Wouldn't it be better still with Smith-Jones +140
The New McCarthyism
I have formally and publically asked Auken/Welland whether they checked, and noticed, the board in question. They have chosen not to answer – which is a pretty obvious answer to me. But maybe they haven’t seen my question, and maybe none of their friends have informed them either … Maybe ...
You are designing a new bidding system from scratch. Which opening bid(s) should be forcing?
Big Club is a Good Thing. But it is not so good when the opp’s interfere, either with hysteric preempts or with psychic bids. The solution? A two-way club! Because our 1 club usually is weak, thinking opp’s will interfere on a “normal”, “conservative” basis. So? We open ...
To Sabine and Roy
@David "I do not think there is any ethical onus on Welland and Auken to behave in any particular way." Isn’t it? SUPPOSE they checked the score. SUPPOSE they discovered the mis-scored board. Wouldn’t it be unethical/bad manners/ungentlemanlike NOT to report this?
To Sabine and Roy
Why not ask Auken-Welland if they checked the results for session 7? And if so, if they did notice, or not notice, the amazing score on the hand in question?
To Sabine and Roy
@Ken “Curious hand”, observed Oscar the Owl. “Both sides can make 4 hearts. Doesn’t happen very often.”

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