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Max Schireson
Max Schireson
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Basic Information

Member Since
Dec. 8, 2014
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16 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Trying hard to learn to play bridge well. Stubbornly believe that is possible despite learning in my 40's.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
The first 105 boards of the 2018 USBC round of 16, where we played ROSENTHAL to a draw.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 9 of 17 matches to finish 10th in the 2018 USBC RR. Made it to the Blue Ribbons finals and didn't get obliterated there (55th out of 78). Won 2017 GNT-C Nationals..
Regular Bridge Partners
Debbie Rosenberg, Cadir Lee, Lynn Shannon, Sarah Youngquist
ACBL Ranking
Life Master
Olivia / Miranda JUSBC
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Max and Lynn
2/1 (major suit rebid usually 6), Walsh style
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Bridge= Math?
I'm not good at memorozing but good at remembering logical things. I find most bidding systems logical, and the few standard things that I think are backwards are memorable for that reason (and not bad enough for me to bother talking to partners about reversing). In cardplay I find ...
Bridge= Math?
I am not at all an early waker, but I have a 9 hour head start in Europe!
Bridge= Math?
Steve I agree with you about math. I regard math and bridge as both bring fun puzzle solving and sometimes take old Putnam problem books on flights to entertain myself - though last flight was Adventures in Cardplay. That said, I think that the most likely age for kids to take ...
Please, One More Time for this Theme
Of five directors I know in local games: (ACBL /just south of San Francisco) Two I am completely positive would roll this back, if they didn't I would eat my shoe. One I would be quite surprised if not, but I guess its possible. Two I would like to ...
Bad Habits of Intermediates
Not thinking ahead - in auctions and in play. IMO all the rules of thumb are attempts to substitute for thinking ahead. This is hard, but IMO it is the most important thing.
Legal or illegal?
Is it possible there was unnoticed (by the other side) UI? Hesitation between pass and 1D by S, or a very tentative manner of bidding? Otherwise passing is horrid. If they make a habit of it then it needs to be disclosed.
Would you roll this back?
It seems there is quite an opportunity for self serving statements here. People remember what they want to have been thinking at the time; that is human nature. IMO even well intentioned players can develop explanations that are favorable to their cause.
Would you roll this back?
I am not mean enough to require 6H when the 1H is natural. It was alerted as either hearts and clubs or spades and diamonds. So S doesn't have to believe it is a psych but just that it is spades and diamonds. Looking at his own hand spades ...
Would you roll this back?
Right. So in a normal (non UI, auction seems to be fine) case, S would have to confront the question of whether 5H was a suggestion of 6H, and 5N was taken as uncertainty, and 6H was chosen. With 4 card support for hearts and nothing in diamonds, S might ...
Please, One More Time for this Theme
To concisely answer Ed's question on this subthread the UI is under 16B1 and 73C1, both of which cite unexpected failure to alert. In 16B1 it is called extraneous but the procedure for addressing it, which clearly requires 4S to be rolled back to 3, is described. In 73C1 ...

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