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Feb. 23, 2012
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Playing up -- how do we go about it?
For fear of wading into a really deep murky pool... here goes... I have always played tougher games and fields and yes it is hard. But for those who truly wish to improve there game, getting chain sawed a couple of times will let you know what your abilities are ...
ACBL Restricting Junior Coupons
Barry Margolian makes some very solid points... Look at the age demographics of our game... if we do not get the young blood, then we are going to head for times that makes the plagues of Egypt seems like a mild annoyance... getting new players into our game is the ...
Interesting hand: Here is a question? Is an 17 HCP, 3 loser 8 bagger to good? Potentially. If you wind up in some multiple of diamonds, potentially 5, then without a dummy entry, the hand may be to powerful and your RHO if he takes opening spade lead and exits ...
ACBL Restricting Junior Coupons
I do not believe we want to throw the baby out with the bath water... the future of our game will depend on the next generation of card players and if we do not do our best to pass on our great game then it will face problems of demographics ...
Favorite Peanuts Bridge Cartoon
I was Seaking Aircrew and our det commander and myself had a standing game with the Maintence chief and the armorer... On Target, On time. HMCS Nipigon Helairdet 1986 So number 7 is actually closer to the truth than some would ever imagine.
Bridge Psychology: Positive Energy
I once heard a quote that has stayed with me throughout my bridge playing. The most important hand is the one you are playing, the rest will take care of themselves in due course. If you do not focus, completely and entirely on the task at hand you will probably ...
Are Senior Events Killing the Game?
This is a subject that is sure to raise some ire... but the ageist, and sexist events really need to be revisted. In todays modern world everyone wants to be judged by their abilities, setting up strats, fields and events accordingly would be a huge leap into the 21st century ...
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