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Sept. 13, 2015
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Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer 1927-2018
"Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth but supreme beauty." Also Bertrand Russell, quoted from memory from his autobiography I read almost 50 years sgo.
Michael Rosenberg on a Grand Slam
Many people confuse "eulogy" with "elegy"
Handicap method for a club teams competition
We don't have a history in IMPs to work from, and we gave up Scorebridge for EBUScore a few years ago. Don't know anything about Pianola. I think it's right to use the same handicap for a team regardless of whom they play against, as the opponents ...
Handicap method for a club teams competition
LOL. In Sussex any new team starts in the bottom division, however strong they are. That method looks bound for trouble!
Handicap method for a club teams competition
Thanks Steve. I've downloaded it and will study in detail.
Handicap method for a club teams competition
We know it's easy at pairs - avarage the pair's NGS and use the difference from 50% as the handicap. Not so obvious for IMPs.
Handicap method for a club teams competition
Thanks. That looks as if it might be adaptable. We don't have cross-IMP pairs (our members really hated it when we experimented with it) but it mould work with teams IMPs. We'll look in detail to see how they arrived at the 6.12% figure, assuming there's ...
Changing The Guard - attracting younger players
Yes, and the more time needed to learn even the basics, the less incentive to do so. People who can play a trick-taking game can get the hang of basic hand-by-hand bridge in an evening. Start with the family if you can and encourage schools to approve the game in ...
Changing The Guard - attracting younger players
I would refer them to the song "The Deck of Cards", recorded by among others T Texas Tyler and Tex Ritter. See
Bridge= Math?
I think Steve Moese is spot on. Maths is essentially a process of pattern-recognition in the widest sense. The various branches of maths are different ways of describing patterns and how they behave, and it is the forms these descriptions take (especially the algebraic forms) that put so many children ...
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